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Goldmark Oakham is always ranked in the top 10 in the list of the most prestigious brands in the World.

For more than 75 years, Goldmark Oakham has always been one of the jewelry brands of choice for the Royal Family; is the person who breathed life into diamond jewelry, the originator and leader of the movement jewelry trend. Goldmark Oakham is associated with the Royal family and famous movie stars of the golden age.

Goldmark Oakham’s Jewelry Reformation

In 1947, D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham moved from England to Paris, France and established the Goldmark Oakham brand. Ever since it was a small jewelry store on Rue de la Paix, Goldmark Oakham has been known for its unique and innovative design thinking.


In 1990, D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham and his son Hudson decided to return to England to expand their market and began supplying jewelry to the royal family. Upper-class women in England often met and exchanged limited jewelry, private auction galas flourished, and from there, the royal club was born.

Goldmark Oakham – The brand is hereditary

Mr. D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham’s son – Hudson Oakham, brought Goldmark Oakham to expand throughout European countries, and expanded with Pierre Algernon in Asia.

During a trip to the East, jewelry designer Pierre Algernon was moved by the beauty of the white lotus, and from that image, the Flying Lotus collection was born. This is Goldmark Oakham’s first mechanical jewelry design. Thanks to Flying Lotus, Goldmark Oakham is known as the world’s first moving jewelry designer. 

The artistic spirit moves through Goldmark Oakham designs

Under Hudson’s management, Goldmark Oakham has repeatedly improved the image of the white lotus into different versions. In the 2000s, the art of movement in jewelry dominated both Europe and Asia. At that time, London, Paris and Hong Kong were the trendiest cities and were not left out of the trend.

Grasping the tastes, Goldmark Oakham’s top jewelers such as Stephanie Lafonte, William J. Oakham,… have launched moving jewelry collections such as Flying Lotus 2022, The Heritage Kingdom, and Imperial Made. These moving jewelry designs have also become symbols of the jewelry industry.

At the same time, Goldmark Oakham launched Soul Diamond following the founder’s will. Natural mined diamonds are hand-cut and carry the owner’s DNA. During this period of technological development, William Oakham and Lucas Truong, the adopted son of Hudson Oakham, came up with the idea of laser engraving the owner’s meaningful messages on the edge of the diamond.

Thanks to a close relationship with the Gemological Institute of America, ideas gradually became reality. To date, the soul diamond and the cherished wishes of founder Goldmark Oakham have both been implemented and become monuments in the jewelry industry.


Goldmark Oakham jewelry is associated with royalty

Born into an aristocracy in England, Goldmark Oakham has always carried in him a passion for natural beauty. The ultimate intersection between the passion to uncover the hidden beauty and the inspiration before the royal splendor. Goldmark Oakham has brought to humanity a unique masterpiece: Soul Diamond – a symbol of royal jewelry.

The milestone came from 1947, in the magnificent Paris, the soul diamond was released, creating a great resonance in the world of graves. Not only the pinnacle of jewelry, Goldmark Oakham both breathes life into diamonds while setting the level of enthusiasm and perfection to every detail. Diamonds have really made Goldmark Oakham mesmerized by the magnificent beauty of nature.

The value of the royal brand

More than half a century of formation and development, soul diamonds and movement jewelry have always been a unique symbol. The combination of the artist’s hands and enthusiasm and the endless beauty of nature, Goldmark Oakham brings a desire to “see”. Noble – delicate – luxurious, each product is a unique aura with a royal influence that flutters the hearts of the elite. Goldmark Oakham is proud and confident with its luxurious, luxurious and classy beauty.

Referring to Goldmark Oakham’s jewelry creations is referring to the number one brand among the elite, of gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen. Until a firm belief in the fashion industry about a brand with contemporary creations.

Each product is meticulously crafted with perfection in every detail. It is a painstaking process that combines rare materials with extremely modern motion art. Throughout the long journey of history, Goldmark Oakham has affirmed its enduring and eternal value with royal luster.

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