July 10, 2024

The 33rd National Energy Conservation Awareness Week was recently celebrated with the theme “Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, Hand in Hand with You and Me,” marking the country’s first national campaign. This initiative underscores the national priority placed on energy saving and emission reduction, and a commitment to fostering a low-carbon future. 

Throughout the week, NOAH Wealth shared its insights and practices based on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. On National Low Carbon Day, NOAH Wealth rallied all sectors towards adopting low-carbon production and lifestyles, aiming for sustainable, green development.

As the Energy Conservation Awareness Week concludes, the journey towards a low-carbon lifestyle is just beginning. The increasing awareness around low-carbon living has transformed it from a lofty ideal into a tangible, actionable goal. The government has emphasized the critical role of societal mobilization, corporate engagement, and public participation in achieving green living and consumption habits. It highlights the need for enhancing conservation, environmental, and ecological consciousness across the population, turning green principles into voluntary action.


In this movement towards a sustainable future, individual contributions are vital. NOAH Holdings has exemplified this through the creation of three “low-carbon” personas, demonstrating its commitment to exploring and expanding the possibilities of low-carbon living. Looking ahead, NOAH Holdings is keen on delving deeper into “low-carbon” lifestyles with the community, aspiring to integrate “low-carbon” as a core life philosophy.

Research indicates a substantial reduction in carbon emissions per ton of waste in Shanghai following the comprehensive adoption of waste sorting and “zero landfill” policies, showcasing a notable decrease from 21-319 kg of CO2 equivalent to -139-203 kg of CO2 equivalent.

NOAH Holdings initiated waste classification efforts well before the citywide mandate, emphasizing the importance of waste sorting by installing categorized bins at workplaces and promoting environmental awareness through various activities. Following the official launch of the waste sorting policy by the municipal government, NOAH Holdings continued its proactive stance, championing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle. The company has been instrumental in fostering a culture of waste classification, energy conservation, and emission reduction within the workplace, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship.

NOAH Holdings is dedicated to spreading the concept of energy conservation to achieve the dual-carbon goals by advocating various energy and resource management strategies both within and beyond the workplace. The company emphasizes cultivating its employees’ awareness of energy saving through special themed months focused on energy conservation and environmental protection. Through a mix of software and hardware initiatives, like e-systems, reducing paper use, encouraging behavioral changes, and energy control, NOAH Holding aims to minimize environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, NOAH Holdings introduced a “One Day Vegetarian Diet” every two weeks for all employees to support energy saving, emission reduction, and health benefits, aligning with the national “carbon neutral” strategy. Initiatives also include streamlining administrative processes, adopting intelligent solutions, paperless management, online meetings, and reducing travel to optimize office efficiency and contribute to energy saving and emission reduction.

In terms of tangible outcomes, the company significantly reduced its paper consumption by 10,000 sheets and encouraged widespread use of video conferencing, achieving 3,600 users. This led to a reduction of over 50,200 kilometers in staff travel, cutting down carbon emissions by 4.4 tons.


Globally, 200 billion plastic bottles are discarded annually, taking up to 450 years to decompose, contributing to resource scarcity, pollution, and ecological harm. Reducing plastic use by a single 500ml bottle can cut carbon emissions by 0.08kg, highlighting the impact of individual actions in the fight against plastic pollution.

NOAH Holdings actively promotes plastic reduction, partnering with GOOD CYCLE and others in the “Spring Rain for New Life” initiative to recycle PET 1 plastic bottles into eco-friendly school uniforms for rural children. For every 28 bottles collected, a new uniform is produced, demonstrating recycling’s potential to contribute to social and environmental welfare. Furthermore, during National Energy Conservation Awareness Week, NOAH Holdings initiated an “Eco-Recycling Program” at its workplace, encouraging employees to exchange PET 1 bottles for eco-friendly products.

Beyond internal efforts, NOAH Holdings aims to inspire customers by endorsing reusable products like insulated cups from 24 Bottles, advocating for the replacement of single-use plastics with sustainable alternatives. This approach seeks to cultivate a broader environmental consciousness through everyday choices. 

NOAH believes that achieving carbon neutrality starts with integrating low-carbon practices into daily life, whether through recycling, energy conservation, or adopting eco-friendly habits. The organization invites everyone to join in exploring “low-carbon” lifestyles, sowing the seeds for a greener future.

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