December 1, 2023

August 08, 2023 – WOC Street is launching the first community stock forecasts platform, where users can use free coins to bet on stock trends and watch the live probability of a stock going up or down based on everyone’s predictions.

The rise of no-fee trading apps has surged the popularity of retail investing. However, many retail investors lack a formal financial background. Even for the seasoned ones, stock research can be challenging and time-consuming. Often, they turn to online resources and face misinformation, scam, and noise.”

“WOC Street uniquely brings prediction market concept to the world of investing,” says the founder of WOC Street.

What is WOC Street and why should I care? 

WOC Street leverages AI and the Wisdom of Crowds to provide unique values that people cannot find elsewhere, including: 

  1. Real-time stock forecasts driven by AI & community.

  2. Monitor real-time reactions to breaking news or earning reports.

  3. Sharpen your skill and gain an edge by following the best users

  4. AI News Analysis that summarizes the most important articles for you.

“JP Morgan used an entire AI team to build the AI New Analysis tool for traders and kept it a secret. We want to make this powerful tool accessible to everyone” says a spokesperson for WOC Street.

How accurate are the stock forecasts on WOC Street? 

Prediction Market consistently demonstrated a higher accuracy than expert opinions and polls based on efficient-market hypothesis. We are combining the power of AI & community to influence stock forecasts. 

Over time, skilled investors will slowly accumulate more tokens and become more influential, while others continue to improve their game. The platform will become more and more accurate as AI and players mature.

How it Works? 

Sign up, claim your free coins, and start predicting whether a stock price is going up, or down. It is like predicting sports game outcomes, but instead of teams, you’ll be predicting whether stocks will go up or down tomorrow or by the end of the week. It will calculate the odds of the stock going up or down based on everyone’s bet. If the probability is low for one direction, the payout will be higher. You will automatically receive your winning if your prediction is correct.

Is the service free? 

Yes, It’s a free-to-play platform.

To learn more, check out WOC Street website:

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