July 20, 2024
Suzanne DeLaurentiis with military honorees: Col. Arnold V. Strong, Captain Tommy DeVries, Captain Pierre Sutton Jr., and Bill Walters.

On March 10th, at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, the luxurious event organized by Suzanne DeLaurentiis, alongside co-producers Lelani Turner and Joy Parris, was held to honor US Military Service Members and Veterans. This formal gathering provided a platform for recognizing the contributions and sacrifices of military personnel, with a program that included a luncheon, a gifting suite, a red carpet experience, and an awards ceremony with notable celebrity hosts.

DeLaurentiis stated, “Organizing this event annually is a profound honor, underscoring the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices made by service members and veterans to ensure our freedoms and the continuation of arts and culture.”


The ceremony featured presentations by celebrities such as Kim Estes, Sally Struthers, Eric Roberts, and Stefanie Kramer, with Stefanie Powers also showing her support. The military honorees include: Col. Arnold V. Strong, Captain Tommy DeVries, Captain Pierre Sutton Jr., and Bill Walters. The involvement of these figures highlighted the event’s significance and the entertainment industry’s respect for the military.

The event was supported by title sponsors Teri Werner International, Organic Body Essentials, A 91 RedRams Production, and Aynaz Anni Cyrus Bella Grace. Additional sponsorship came from Terra Arma, Ava’s Heart, On All Fours, Sugarfina, The Healing Trilogy: Kimberly Meredith, Raffi Dilsizian, MegaMix Expo, Hidden Hills Coffee Company, Paramount Studio Store, G.L.A.M. Body Scrubs, Red Light Pro Devices, La Casa Del Camino, MidWest Railway Services, Vivian’s Boutique, Hodges Collection, Organic Body Essentials, Tech Production Value Software, Renova Worldwide, and Karen Kraft demonstrating a wide-ranging community support for this initiative.

The successful orchestration of this event not only served as a poignant reminder of the entertainment industry’s appreciation for the military community but also reinforced the importance of bridging diverse sectors for common causes. By bringing together service members, veterans, and celebrities from the entertainment world, the event fostered a unique environment of mutual respect and gratitude. Such initiatives underscore the vital role of collaborative efforts in honoring those who serve, highlighting the interconnectedness of service, sacrifice, and societal appreciation. 

This annual event continues to set a precedent for how industries can contribute to acknowledging and celebrating the invaluable service of military personnel, further solidifying the bond between the arts and the defenders of freedom.


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