July 15, 2024

Tricorder.Zero™ launches the world’s first portable and comprehensive health and fitness tracker with seven accurate sensors.

Tricorder.Zero™ is the world’s first portable health and fitness tracker, combining seven precise sensors into one simple device that allows an individual to track their health easily, anytime and anywhere. This pocket-sized, portable, wireless health and fitness tracker enables complete holistic data recording. 


Tricorder.Zero™ is set to dominate the $1 Trillion “connected telehealth” worldwide market by 2028. With “patent pending” on 12+ concepts, seven accurate sensors, medication tracking, and the ability to send data to a health provider and/or fitness trainer, this innovative technology will provide the user with a new health and fitness experience.

“Keeping track of your health is not an easy undertaking. You’re weighed down by a mound of numerous and confusing devices, apps, and user interfaces. Tricorder.Zero™ is the world’s first portable health and fitness tracker that combines seven precise sensors into one simple, compact device – allowing you to track your health easily, anytime and anywhere,” states the company’s founder, Marcus Soori.

Tricorder.Zero™: Seven Sensors in One

With its seven accurate sensors, Tricorder.Zero™ allows users to monitor their health and fitness.

–  ENT Camera (Otoscope): The extendable ENT camera allows users to visualize their ears, nose, and throat.
–  High Magnification Camera: One can view close-ups of the outer eye (and its microvasculature) and skin with extreme magnification in Full-HD quality.
–  Pulse Oximeter: displays the heart rate and blood oxygenation percentage.
–  Stethoscope: The stethoscope is used to hear heart sounds, lung sounds, abdominal sounds, and measure the breathing rate.
–  EKG: assists in visualizing the pattern of electrical activity across the heart.
–  Body Fat/Muscle Tone Sensor: tracks muscle and fat percentage over a 30-day period.
–  Thermometer: allows for the infrared reading of forehead temperature.

Tricorder.Zero™ elevates telehealth and telefitness to new heights. It enables users to communicate real-time data to their health provider or fitness trainer for a more thorough and holistic examination. This device also features an AI-enabled “security system for the body,” which alerts users when single-sensor data indicates readings outside the norm. Hence, they know when to seek a licensed expert’s opinion.


This one-of-a-kind device brings the users’ health information together into one secure end-to-end location so that they can give health providers and trainers an up-to-date record of their health & fitness journey. Tricorder.Zero™ also assures consistent reminders: its built-in medication monitoring feature allows users to stay on top of their medication, ensuring they never miss a dosage.

According to the company, the user can operate their device in standalone mode using its touchscreen, or via the companion phone app. Measurements are saved automatically, and using the intuitive Tricorder.Zero™ app, anyone can view all their measurements in one convenient place, allowing them to also upload past records as they wish, knowing they will be secured end-to-end.

To reserve Tricorder.Zero™ today, visit the company’s prelaunch page at the link below.

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The post Tricorder.Zero™ Set to Revolutionize Telehealth and Telefitness, Dominate USD 1 Trillion Worldwide Market by 2028 first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Tricorder.Zero™ Set to Revolutionize Telehealth and Telefitness, Dominate USD 1 Trillion Worldwide Market by 2028 first appeared on Web and IT News.

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