July 11, 2024

Tatari sets new and cutting-edge industry standards for precision and effectiveness across TV ad buying

Tatari, a leading platform for buying and measuring advertising across convergent TV, today announced major improvements to its TV-specific measurement, elevating the standard for precision and effectiveness in the TV advertising industry.

This update mostly focuses on improvements to Tatari’s device graph data through internal enhancements and strategic partnerships, paving the way for the most accurate TV ad measurement available to brands and agencies. Significant changes include:

  • Linking multiple devices within a household helps determine which viewer is taking an action (e.g. website visit, app installation) after seeing an ad.
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  • More stringent filters of shared/communal IP addresses prevent over-attributing and mismatching viewers of an ad to an action taken.
  • Multiple sessions of actions by the same user can be more accurately grouped together by combining several identifiers (cookie ID, login ID, IP address)
  • A native integration into Vault’s Data Clean Room, brands can measure user engagement across devices, all while upholding strict privacy measures.

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These core updates address many industry issues affecting ad tech platforms and will enable marketers to measure campaign performance with confidence, accurately attributing conversions to the right users. Early analysis from these changes show that some campaigns will see a 30% variation in cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

“Similar to how Google and Meta constantly enhance their algorithms, Tatari is dedicated to continuous innovation for measuring TV ad campaigns,” said Mike Swinson, Chief Data Scientist of Tatari. “As more advertisers seek to measure their TV campaigns on outcomes (visits, purchases, installs, etc), our view-through and incremental measurement methodologies must evolve.”


Hundreds of brands and agencies use the Tatari platform to buy, measure, and optimize TV ad campaigns that drive real business outcomes. In 2023, 140 new brands launched campaigns through Tatari’s platform, with one-third being first-time TV advertisers.

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