July 23, 2024

LiveIntent, the pioneer in email marketing, is continuing to transcend email by delivering solutions to Publishers and Advertisers that are built for a future rooted in first-party data. LiveIntent’s announcement to add support for Prebid’s SharedID will ensure efficiency for advertisers and publishers while upholding privacy and user trust.

SharedID allows Publishers to transmit their own first-party cookie in the bidstream more simply than before. When combined with LiveIntent’s Private Customer Graph solution, Publishers can unify first-party data across their owned and operated properties to maximize the value of their audiences through comprehensive, advanced insights, improved targeting, and stronger campaign performance. Advertisers can benefit as well by reaching relevant audiences more precisely via access to richer data sets. By simplifying the complexities of a fragmented data landscape, LiveIntent empowers publishers and advertisers to thrive in the ever-evolving advertising ecosystem.


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The only Identity solutions that are future-proofed are those that are built on first-party data provided by publishers with consent. LiveIntent’s integration with SharedID cements its position as one of the Identity providers who understands how to truly thrive in a post third-party cookie era. That’s why the largest publishers are choosing LiveIntent.

Support for Prebid’s SharedID benefits all Publishers working with LiveIntent who are leveraging LiveIntent’s best-in-class advanced addressability and privacy-driven marketing solutions for the open web. LiveIntent’s solution is differentiated by its emphasis on first-party data. This independence from third-party cookies means it will continue to resolve audiences and deliver addressability, even after the end of the third-party cookie. Support for SharedID furthers LiveIntent’s mission to empower brands to reach their target audiences with precision across channels, fueled by a commitment to consent and user preferences.


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“LiveIntent’s easy-to-implement support for SharedID leverages our nearly unmatched footprint to drive resolution using first-party data dexterity as its engine,” said Mano Pillai, Chief Product Officer at LiveIntent. “Our support for SharedID is a reflection of our commitment to being a leading provider of first-party based resolution and audience targeting solutions.”

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The post LiveIntent Announces Support for Prebid’s SharedID To Help Publishers and Advertisers Thrive in a First-Party Future first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

LiveIntent Announces Support for Prebid’s SharedID To Help Publishers and Advertisers Thrive in a First-Party Future first appeared on Web and IT News.

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