July 23, 2024
The company is on a mission to make the industry as environmentally friendly as possible

Europe’s leading Christmas tree provider Green Team now offers Round-Up free Christmas trees to help reduce the ecological footprint in this industry. The company is based in Denmark and has a track record of delivering high-end, sustainable Christmas trees all over Europe. With global warming rising, it has also decided that its entire production will be entire without Glyphosate, the chemical used in Round-Up.

According to the company, a Christmas tree can cost an astonishing 10 kilos of CO2 to produce, equivalent to two steaks. However, as it grows, the tree also collects about 18 kilos of CO2. This is why the company is trying to be a force of positive change and contribute to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.


Speaking on occasion, a representative of Green Team stated, “Growing a Christmas tree takes at least 12 years. In those years, we work hard to improve the natural habitat, and we convert regular farmland into small sanctuaries for wildlife. A field of Christmas trees is home to a surprising number of different species compared to all other farmlands, even including areas of meadows for cattle and sheep. Our fields have many of the same properties as a pioneer forest where food, shelter, and sunlight are abundant.”

The Green Team already uses as little plastic in their products as possible. It aims to bring its consumption down by using labels and especially netting for the tree.

The firm estimates that the European Christmas tree industry uses almost ½ million kilometers of plastic net yearly, more than 10 times around the planet. This is why, in 2022, it bought only 3,9t of the net, down almost 50% of the net purchased in 2021.

To bring this amount down further, it is working with producers of net made from renewable, organic material such as corn starch, which is degradable, compostable, and ecological.

“On our labels, we have achieved a reduction of 20 %, down from 7.774 kg to 5.877 kg, by just getting some customers to change from hanging labels to Tywek labels,” the spokesperson added.


The company grows all of its trees on regular farmland by converting monoculture fields into a living place for many animals. This means they never plant Christmas trees in forests, in Natura2000 areas, or any other habitats with high natural content. Furthermore, they grow the trees with as little input as possible on all parameters without affecting quality.

Homeowners and businesses interested in learning more about the change can contact them using the information mentioned below.

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Website: https://www.greenteam-group.com/

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Leading Sustainable Christmas Tree Provider Green Team Now Offers Round-Up Free Christmas Trees first appeared on Web and IT News.

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