July 23, 2024

Dr. He, the CTO and co-founder of Longer Inc, is an expert in Laser Engravering and 3D Printing industry. Dr. He received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from MIT. He holds over 40 patents and has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, materials, and theoretical simulations. He has developed many laser engraving and 3D printing equipments, including professional laser engravers and industrial DLP, LCD, Ceramic 3D printers, and high-speed photopolymerization technologies.

Longer embodies the vision, “With Longer, Make Things Better” emphasizing our relentless pursuit to lead innovation and long-term development in the laser cutting and three-dimensional digital industry. We aspire to be the forerunner in the DIY maker tools sector, driving transformative changes with our technology, and defining the future of 3D printing and maker tools.


In 2016, the company was founded and acquired the British company RepRapPro. At the same time, founder of Longer established the Additive Manufacturing Institute at Shenzhen University. In 2020, Longer launched the world’s fastest 3D printing system; in 2022, it introduced the desktop laser engraver RAY5, and in 2023, it launched the most economic higher power desktop laser engraver Laser B1.

Presenting the revolutionary Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver – a cutting-edge instrument meticulously engineered for unmatched accuracy, adaptability, and rapidity. Delivering an exceptional engraving velocity of up to 36,000mm/min, this advanced tool is a trailblazer in the engraving sector, providing artisans with the capability to transform their intricate concepts into reality on a diverse range of substrates.

The hallmark feature of the Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver lies in its unmatched cutting capability. Able to deliver precise cuts on diverse materials, the Laser B1 stands out with its ability to slice through a 0.1mm stainless steel plate, carve 20mm paulownia wood, penetrate 25mm basswood, cut through 10mm black acrylic, and make its way into a 50mm acrylic by multiple passes. This feature is significantly emphasized, acknowledging the value this attribute brings to professionals from various sectors, including electronics, jewelry, manufacturing, woodworking, and more.

The Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver is more than just a monochrome engraving device. Its ability to support color engraving allows it to portray vibrant designs, giving artists and professionals an added dimension of creativity.

Here are the key features of the Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver that elevate it beyond the competition: 

HIGHER POWER: 30-36W optical laser output.

Bigger Engraving Area: Offering an engraving size of 450mm x 440mm, this device allows for a broad scope of design applications.

High Compatibility: The Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver is compatible with a multitude of design software, catering to diverse user requirements.

Versatility: Capable of engraving on an array of materials, such as leather, wood, fabric, acrylic, paper, and more, this tool can produce everything from letterings to colored copies of photos and images.


Enhanced Safety Measures: Integrated with up to eight distinct safety features, including a flame detection system that automatically switches off the laser, this tool prioritizes user safety.

Broad Software and Data Transmission Support: The Laser B1 30W supports a wide range of cutting and engraving software on Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems, and is compatible with multiple file formats. 

Advanced Connectivity and Control Panel: Supporting multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi and USB for convenient file transfer, the device also comes equipped with an intuitive control panel for efficient management of the engraving process. 

About Longer

Longer, is a brand founded by Dr. Lao and Dr. He, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech/MIT, with over 20 years of research experience in advanced additive manufacturing / Laser Engraving and new material fields. He has published over 50 academic papers in journals like “Science” and “Nano Letters”, applied for over 20 invention patents, and has been cited over 5,000 times. Based on his professional background and experience, Dr. Lao established the Longer brand, dedicated to providing users with professional and cost-effective 3D printers and engraving machines. Visit their website to learn more about their exceptional offerings.

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The post Introducing the Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver: Reshaping Precision Engraving for Professionals first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Introducing the Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver: Reshaping Precision Engraving for Professionals first appeared on Web and IT News.

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