July 23, 2024

In recent years, the popularity of Chinese manufacturing abroad is high, among which, the export of lamps and lanterns is growing particularly fast.

Facing the rapidly increasing overseas market, the domestic traditional lighting manufacturing enterprises are keenly aware of the hidden business opportunities behind, and will look from the domestic market to the world.

After investigation, many factories are gradually transforming from domestic trade sales to foreign trade sales, and introducing foreign trade e-commerce platform as the main channel of promotion.

It is understood that the current cross-border e-commerce lighting market mainly shows the following characteristics:


1. The search heat continues to rise: chandelier category Google search monthly reached 500,000

At present, judging from Google search trends, lamps and lanterns are on a steady rise.

In the case of chandelier, Google searches reached 500,000 times a month; Chandelier keywords accounted for five of the top 10 most-searched words on the platform.

2. European, American and Australian buyers are the main buyers: half of the buyers are from the United States

According to the data from relevant websites, the top countries in terms of luminescence sales are: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand.

Taking chandelier category as an example, by the first half of 2014, the United States, Australia and Canada became the top three countries of buyer distribution, accounting for about 70% of the overall buyers. Of those, American buyers accounted for 49.66 percent, almost half of the total. America has replaced Japan, become our country’s largest lamps export destination country.

The reporter also learned that European and American buyers tend to choose simple, retro, modern lighting styles, and follow foreign fashion trends very closely. Therefore, lighting sellers can carry out targeted promotion and placement selectively according to their own needs.

3. Platform profit is promising: single product profit rate reaches 178%


Among the popular lamps on an e-commerce platform website, ceiling fan lamps (down lights) belong to the potential category of the platform, and the foreign demand is very strong. As a seasonal product line, a ceiling fan lamp is mainly produced in Ancient Town of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, and the platform profit rate is as high as 178%.

4. LED lighting products are popular.

In the popular category of lamps, another hot single product is LED lighting products. LED lighting products have been popular among overseas buyers in recent years due to their characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and easy maintenance. Take LED light bulbs as an example, the buyers of this kind of products are mainly enterprise-level buyers wholesale.

At present, the use of LED energy-saving lamps in lighting system has become a trend overseas. The city of Calgary in Canada has announced that it will replace 80,000 LED bulbs to create a high-quality lighting system for its residents. For cross-border e-commerce platform sellers, this can be regarded as a potential business opportunity.

At present, lamps and lanterns, as a popular category on cross-border e-commerce platforms, were once in short supply.

In addition, the reporter learned that video marketing has been widely used in the seller group in the promotion and marketing of lamps and lanterns, and its direct effect is more significant than other marketing methods.

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