December 2, 2023

The author believes success is found in the desire to reach one’s potential.

Life sure can give a beating. It takes real grit and determination to take that beating and move beyond oneself. The pages of Impact Leadership with Hilda Nakhwanga (now on Amazon) will take readers through the author’s ups and downs and her journey in learning to overcome her struggles, all while providing valuable life lessons.

Hilda Nakhwanga has spent most of her career in public diplomacy work. She has a background in media and public relations. Nakhwanga believes in self-development not just for herself but also for the people around her. She gets satisfaction in being part of their positive transformations. As a person who is always in learning mode, Nakhwanga considers herself a lifelong student and loves to read or listen to experts as they discuss different topics. Nakhwanga is a single parent of a young adult son and her orphaned niece. She expresses how taking care of them despite her challenges brings her joy: “I have gone ahead to see my son through university, and I have taken in my orphaned niece, who is also currently in university. Seeing them transform to be the best versions of themselves brings joy to me, and this is something that we should all aspire to as humans.”

Nakhwanga shares the tragic story of having lost both her parents within a month. Yet, it was this experience that also taught her to be strong and determined no matter what life threw at her.

She then goes on to share her struggles with work and a health scare that could have made things turn for the worse. Yet, through all this, she battled with courage and determination so as to provide a good life to those under her care.

“I also learned that balancing your life is not as easy as people make it sound. But living a full life and following your dreams is extremely important,” says Nakhwanga.

Impact Leadership with Hilda Nakhwanga is an eye-opening story that takes readers through the struggles and hardships of the author, who, despite difficulties, focused on her journey and pushed towards her goals. Because, as she puts it, “[L]ife is still good, despite the challenges.”

Racheal Nakitare, assistant television programs manager at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, speaks of Nakhwanga’s hardcore determination: “Hilda’s life is a story of hard work and hardship but also of triumph and resilience. She epitomizes the reality of a realized dream. Having lost her parents early exposed her to some of the most difficult situations in life. She could have given up due to the challenges she encountered, but her resilience kept her going. Her determination to succeed inspired her to navigate through life because she recognized that bettering herself through education and following her dreams was her only liberator. In her pursuit to improve her life, she was able to get a job with a foreign mission through a rigorous selection process. Hilda’s experiences in life have prompted her to make life better for people around her and those she considered less privileged. Though gentle and soft-spoken, Hilda exudes authority and is strict with details. She is particularly keen on the quality of work and its impact on humanity. For the years I have known Hilda, she does not relent until she achieves her desired goal.”

Jessica Neatherlin comments on her positive work experience with Nakhwanga: “Being a woman in a male-dominated workforce is a challenge. It takes staying calm under pressure, mastering your skills, and having a good sense of humor to succeed. My colleague, Hilda, made this look easy! We often would be in high-pressure situations at work, and I would always be impressed by Hilda’s work ethic when we would get VIP visitors or events that required staying on top of information and schedules. It was always a relief to have her there as she would save the day. Hilda was never caught off guard! She was prepared for anything. As a former diplomat in Kenya, I knew I could rely on her as a great team member as she was always available and willing to explain to me anything that I did not understand, and she always made me smile and laugh when work got on the stressful side! The time I spent working with Hilda made such an impression on me, and I continue to admire her grace and strength!”

Impact Leadership with Hilda Nakhwanga is now for sale on Amazon.

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