July 15, 2024
Heysong Announces Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Partygoers 2
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Heysong unveils a new big party speaker that is both waterproof and equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. Heysong’s new party speakers are a must-have for any music lover. This stylish, lightweight speaker can be taken anywhere with its built-in handle. The sound quality is amazing for the price, and there are built-in interactive LED light shows. Heysong’s new speaker offers an interactive LED light show, especially for partygoers. It can be used for any event, including swimming, barbecues, pool trips, or even kayaking or canoeing.


Heysong is known for its speakers and other audio accessories, but its newest product brings the party to you instead. The new big Bluetooth speakers from Heysong Audio are powerful Bluetooth speakers. Coupled with a powerful 20-watt amp, this speaker will fill any room with loud, clear sound. Because this is a wireless speaker that can connect to any Bluetooth device, it’s great for use at home or for parties on the go. “You can also use it as a phone hands-free device or as an MP3 player if you don’t want to shout over the music to have a conversation. The charge lasts up to 10 hours of continuous playtime and can be charged via USB cable.” said a Heysong representative.

While Heysong’s Bluetooth speakers are already famous for their ability to connect with smartphones’ music files and play exciting soundtracks, this new speaker offers another level of excitement for partygoers by providing an interactive light show. When the music plays loud enough to activate the volume sensor, the light show will automatically run in sync with the beat and rhythm of the song.

Heysong is a company that has been designing and making the best wireless speakers for the past ten years. At the official online store, https://www.heysongaudio.com, Heysong unveiled its new line of Bluetooth speakers, which are meant to offer party excitement at home or out of town. As the company website puts it, “From the bedroom to the boardroom, Heysong has your music covered.”

“The devices’ sound quality was great,” said one of the happy users. “I listened to various music genres including R&B/hip-hop and EDM/pop dance tracks; all sounded crisp and clear with deep bass.”


The Heysong Bluetooth speaker is a great new addition to the marketplace. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that connects easily to any Bluetooth device. It’s small and lightweight but still durable, making it perfect for taking on vacations and outdoor activities with you. For more information, please visit https://www.heysongaudio.com/speakers.html.

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