December 5, 2023

Brandon has been a self-taught entrepreneur since 2014. Starting from the bottom, Brandon learned to build websites and digital marketing to grow his own business.

After many hours of learning and seeking out knowledge from public figures in the space such as Dennis Yu with Biltzmetrics , David Carroll with Dope Marketing, Brandon was able to successfully launch and automate a cleaning company that now generates over half a million dollars in revenue each year.

Not content with only growing his own business, Brandon also wanted to help others do the same. He used his expertise in digital marketing to launch Superior Epoxy Coatings, which leveraged the low cost of digital marketing for small businesses and enabled them to expand their reach.

When he’s not helping small businesses grow, Brandon loves creating things. His father is an artist and his son is also creative—both of whom inspire him with their creativity. Brandon values building and creating just as much as he values understanding and mastering digital marketing.

Brandon is passionate about inspiring other aspiring entrepreneurs who are starting out on their journey, as well as those who already have an established business but want more out of it. He has made it his mission to help these individuals take advantage of what digital marketing can offer them so they can grow their businesses even further.

In addition to passing on knowledge through word-of-mouth and public speaking engagements, Brandon has recently launched Brand•On Marketing CRM Platform where he teaches all the techniques he himself has mastered throughout his entrepreneurial journey such as using GoogleTM tags and analytics, FacebookTM Ads, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, web design best practices, video creation tips, copywriting hacks, email automation tactics and more.

With years of experience under his belt combined with a thirst for continuous learning, Brandon is an ideal mentor for anyone looking for advice on how to boost their digital presence or start up a new business venture — two skills that are essential for success in today’s connected world.

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