July 20, 2024

Marvin V. Blake writes another captivating historical novel titled Why. The latest literary masterpiece from the fine stable of Blake takes readers on an engrossing journey back to the Southern antebellum period, revealing, layers upon layers, the parallel stories and relationship between a black slave and the daughter of his master. The narrative of this novel is poignant and evocative, such that readers are able to relate to the themes of love, perseverance, and bonding between the main characters across the deep divides of the slave-holding South region.

Why weaves the epic of parallel stories of two people: a black female slave and the whiter daughter of her owner? Both were born in 1847, three days apart, on Virginia’s wealthy Rosewood Plantation. The white sister is the child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Billings, Master and Mistress of Rosewood, one of the richest cotton plantations in the state of Virginia. The black girl is the issue of the mating of Henry Billings, the Master of the Rosewood Plantation, and one of his female black slaves. Set against the backdrop of the antebellum South, the two girls grow up together, forging a relationship that blurs the gaping chasm that separates the whites from the blacks. Rebecca, despite the laws that prohibit teaching slaves how to read and write, includes Mandy in tutoring sessions with Miss Eleanor Leary, a young Irish immigrant.


Through the teachings of the white teacher, Mandy’s eyes are opened to a new world as she discards her long-held beliefs of self-inferiority and self-loathing. Feelings of pride and increased self-esteem now abide in her. The two girls form an unbreakable kinship through the turbulence of America at the time. They experience two seemingly diverse cultures that are quite related in reality.

The author weaved the narratives to be historically accurate and real. The two sisters’ journey to form a bond is a testament to the fact that love and human relationships go beyond skin color. Mandy’s self-discovery from bondage to freedom, as she battles against the deep-seated prejudices instilled in her as she grew up, shows how indomitable the human spirit is.

Why is this a novel that anybody seeking a historical book with a rich and well-crafted narrative should read? It is available in electronic format in online retail stores such as Amazon.


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