July 21, 2024

As an architect, it’s likely that you’ll want to spend the majority of your time concentrating on your design work, and, for this, you ultimately need a lot of quiet time. However, this quiet time can quickly be interjected and disturbed by constant calls from clients and suppliers. 

Although these might be important, they can distract you and prevent you from finishing the projects that you’re working on. Then, here are some of the tips that you should follow if you’re struggling to keep up with your telephone calls. 

The best and most conclusive tip that you can follow is to hire a call-handling service. This type of service can prevent you from ever having to interact with any callers unless you want to. 


By using a call-handling service, you can prevent your customers from getting through to a hassled and impatient company director. Instead, they will be able to enjoy third-party customer service that’s at a higher standard than you could ever give them. This will ensure that their problems can get sorted within seconds and that you never lose any custom by avoiding the telephone. 

This means that you should look for excellent Call Handling Services today. If you’re planning to answer all the calls yourself, though, you might look into answering machines that can allow customers to leave you a message if you can’t take the call. 

  • Employ Team Members

If you’re running your business alone, you might find that you have no one to delegate to, and that you have to complete all the chores of running a business yourself. Although you might want to have a grasp on every aspect of your company, this can mean that you’re unable to perform the tasks that you do best and that you’re completely stressed all the time.


Instead of allowing your business to rely solely on your expertise, you should consider hiring a few team members as your venture begins to grow. This can take some of the pressure off and you can get them going on certain administration and customer service tasks, such as answering calls. This means that only the most important ones will get through to you. 

  • Refer Clients to Emails or Texts

Rather than making the telephone your customers’ first port of call, to prevent them from overwhelming you, you should refer your clients back to emails or texts. Emails and texts can be a great option for you as these can be read and replied to at any time, meaning you can complete what you’re doing before you get back to the client that has contacted you. 

This will give your customer service a slower and yet still efficient pace and will mean that no customer queries get lost in the mayhem of your working day. Texts and emails can also be best as you can return to them when you want, whereas it’s very easy to forget information that has been shared by phone unless you write it down.

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