July 23, 2024
Von Dohlen Law Firm provides quality legal representation to family law clients throughout the Houston TX area. The attorneys help with easing the transition to life after divorce.

Von Dohlen Law Firm is pleased to announce the launch of downloads dealing with various aspects of divorce and the aftermath of divorce. The digital publications include Five Ways to Ease the Pain of Divorce, Life After Divorce, and Divorce Without Drama. While no one gets married with the belief that they will be filing for divorce in the future. Nationwide, the divorce rate is between 40 and 50 percent. It is higher for those who choose to remarry after being divorced or widowed. 


Other family law issues can be equally complex. Filing for making decisions on child custody agreements and many other family law matters can involve normal people in complex legal turmoil. The Von Dohlen Law Firm is committed to simplifying complex legal matters for clients.

According to the Von Dohlen Law Firm HG.org Listing, figuring out things like child custody, spousal support, division of assets, and other issues can complicate the procedure, even in an uncontested divorce. Such concerns can be even more problematic in a divorce that is contested. No matter the client’s specific needs, the Von Dohlen Law Firm is available to assist. 

Getting married is easy. Divorce is not quite as simple for clients who have decided to end their marriages. In fact, even couples who agree to have an uncontested divorce are required to wait sixty days before the dissolution of the marriage is final. This is far from the only hurdle. That is because Texas has some of the unique divorce laws in America.

Spousal maintenance payments are only ordered in very specific circumstances. Courts may determine that a postnuptial agreement between two parties is invalid and unenforceable. Things can become even more complicated when youngsters are involved. Child support cases often result in one parent making payments even when a joint custody agreement is in place. A divorce attorney in Houston is the best chance of simplifying this process.

About the Firm: 


Von Dohlen Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to guide clients through divorce proceedings. In addition, other family law matters are handled for Houston area clients. These include custody, spousal support, and child support.

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