July 25, 2024
Visionary Leader Dr. Misha Ford Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award and Honorary Doctorate 3
Dr. Misha Ford is the catalyst for change and a trailblazer in workforce development, upskilling, and professional development.

Visionary Leader Dr. Misha Ford Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award and Honorary Doctorate 4


Dr. Thomisha Cline Ford, also known as Misha Ford, has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award and an honorary doctorate for her exceptional service and profound global impact in the field of workforce development, upskilling, and professional development. Dr. Misha Ford is a visionary and catalyst for change. She has made an enduring mark on the world through her humanitarian endeavors and exemplary leadership.

Receiving this Lifetime Achievement Award and honorary doctorate fills me with deep humility and gratitude,” expressed Dr. Misha Ford. “Making a positive impact on the lives of others is the greatest success that can be achieved. Such recognitions are constant reminders of the collaborative efforts that have empowered me to bring about a positive change in the world.”

As the Founder, President, and CEO of 3TG Staffing Solutions, a 3T Consulting Group, LLC division, Misha Ford has led the organization with unwavering dedication and a passion for driving growth and maximizing operational excellence. Her exceptional leadership and strategic acumen have propelled 3TG Staffing Solutions to new heights, getting included in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Her remarkable achievements have led her to become a member of esteemed organizations such as the Forbes Human Resources Council and the Women’s President Organization.

Dr. Ford shared, “We embarked on an innovative, disruptive, and sustainable path to pulsate the company’s mission. Ultimately, we provided the pain reliever and analytical divider that afforded us to perform at our pinnacle peak.”

“3TG’s big-picture professional services, workforce development, and talent initiatives create transparency which anchors a successful partnership with our client and stakeholders.” She added.

Dr. Ford has paved her way to success with determination, resilience, and a thirst to seek knowledge to grow continuously. Starting with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from esteemed Rutgers University, Dr. Misha Ford participated in prestigious programs like the Harvard Business School Executive Education program and the Emory Executive Education programs.

With over a decade of experience in business operations, including process improvement and reducing time and cost, Dr. Misha Ford’s impact has been far-reaching. Her former role overseeing an annual marketing budget of $200 million, coupled with responsibilities for marketing, product management, and financial reporting, showcased her exceptional abilities and garnered the trust and respect of those around her.

Besides Dr. Misha Ford’s outstanding accomplishments in her professional endeavors, her unwavering dedication to community engagement and uplifting others sets her apart. She has supported numerous initiatives backed by local and state government and private organizations focused on giving back to society like the Junior League of Dekalb, U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Black Chamber, NIA Kudzu, NAACP Dekalb Economic Development Committee, and the DC Black Directory.  

A certified Women-Owned Small Business, she has also held the Chair of the Dekalb Chamber of Commerce Education & Workforce Development, making a difference in countless lives.


Dr. Misha Ford’s expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence have positioned her as a trusted leader in HR consulting, organizational management, staffing augmentation, and corporate development. 

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About Dr. Misha Ford

Misha Ford is an Esteemed Individual to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award for Unparalleled Humanitarian Efforts and Membership in the Women President’s Organization. Her tireless commitment to humanitarian causes and her fearlessness in challenging situations have made her an exemplary role model. By fearlessly stepping forward and tackling some of the most pressing global challenges, she has emerged as a beacon of hope for many.

About 3TG Staffing Solutions:

3TG Staffing Solutions, a 3T Consulting Group, LLC division, is a professional consulting and staffing firm founded in 2010. They specialize in delivering optimal business solutions by aligning people and processes and executing orders for Government and Fortune 500 Companies across diverse industries. Their expertise includes managing virtual projects, providing IT support, and resolving business challenges globally. With a vision to enhance productivity, they offer comprehensive virtual assistant services in marketing, bookkeeping, warm calls, answering services, and more.

To learn more about 3TG Staffing Solutions, visit www.3teeco.com.

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