July 21, 2024
ViaSat Inc and Elemt Technologies Forge Strategic Collaboration to Provide Prepaid Airtime Solutions within Viasat’s Evergrowing Communications Portfolio.

Philadelphia, PA, USA – March 6th, 2024 – Elemt Technologies, a leading SaaS company specializing in software solutions for mobile operators worldwide, announced a collaboration with Viasat, Inc., a global leader in satellite communications. The collaboration is focused on the prepaid recharge business, leveraging the strengths of both companies to revolutionize the mobile communication landscape.

Viasat, brings expertise in fixed and mobile broadband services, secure networking systems, and tactical data link systems. The collaboration with Elemt Technologies, a trailblazer in SaaS solutions for mobile operators, aims to seamlessly integrate prepaid airtime solutions

into Viasat’s diverse portfolio.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

• Market Expansion: The collaboration between the companies  will bring new and innovative prepaid airtime solutions to customers.

• Comprehensive Solutions: Elemt Technologies, known for its comprehensive SaaS solutions for mobile operators, will provide Viasat with a robust prepaid airtime selling infrastructure. This collaboration will enhance the overall value proposition for end-users and create new revenue streams.

• Global Reach: The combined strength of Viasat’s global capabilities and Elemt’s established presence in the mobile operator ecosystem provides a strategic advantage to serve diverse markets. The collaboration aims to provide unparalleled prepaid airtime services to users across the globe.

• Technology Integration: Elemt Technologies will work closely with Viasat to integrate advanced technology solutions that will include user-friendly interfaces, cutting-edge security measures and an efficient prepaid airtime selling experience.

• Commitment to Innovation: Both companies share a commitment to innovation and excellence. The collaboration will foster an environment where the collective strengths of Viasat and Elemt Technologies will help drive the development of forward-thinking solutions in prepaid airtime services.

Hector Rivero, GM of Viasat Mexico stated, “We are thrilled to be working with Elemt to further enhance the experience for our Mexican customers. As we continue to help close Mexico’s digital gap, it is important to offer new tools and capabilities so consumers can benefit from our connectivity solutions including those located in remote regions.”


Lucas Brasil, Director of Elemt Technologies, shared his excitement, saying, “We are thrilled to work with Viasat, using our platforms to help connect their customers in Mexico with their families abroad. Our expertise in direct to consumer sales, combined with Viasat’s leadership in satellite communications, creates an opportunity to help many underserved families access the internet, and to bring them closer to family and friends.”

About Elemt Technologies:

Elemt Technologies is a leading SaaS company providing software solutions for mobile operators globally. With a focus on innovation and user-centric design, Elemt Technologies empowers mobile operators to enhance their services and adapt to the evolving needs of the mobile communication industry.

For more information, visit https://www.elemt.com.

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The post ViaSat Inc & Elemt Technologies Collaborate to Pioneer Prepaid Airtime Solutions in Viasat’s Vast Portfolio first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

ViaSat Inc & Elemt Technologies Collaborate to Pioneer Prepaid Airtime Solutions in Viasat’s Vast Portfolio first appeared on Web and IT News.

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