July 23, 2024

On December 26th, 2022, the first outdoor Ecosystem Summit of Mentech Innovations 2022 with the theme of “Go outside together” was held in Shenzhen. Mr. Yang xianjin, Chairman of Mentech Magnetics, delivered a keynote speech on the strategic upgrade of Mentech brand at the scene. Mr. Li Jingzhou, General Manager of Mentech Magnetics, announced Mentech’s outdoor ecological strategic plan. The conference gathered ecological partners and outdoor players in the outdoor field, discussed the development of outdoor ecological industry from all dimensions, and reached deep strategic cooperation with Mentech Innovations, a subsidiary of Mentech Group, which focuses on outdoor ecology.



Surrounding tourism, local tourism, and yearning for nature are loved by the masses, which indicates that the overall preference of the consumer market is to leap from material needs to spiritual satisfaction. The outdoor market is experiencing explosive growth. Mentech Innovations will continue to build an outdoor eco-brand with the first-class eco-strategic partners in the whole industry chain, relying on the group’s accumulated strength in technology, quality, service, capital and other enterprises for many years, with the brand building mission of “making science and technology resonate with life”, and take the outdoor eco-sphere as the position to fully satisfy consumers’ beautiful experience in the whole scene of outdoor life.

In the coming year, “Outdoor” will be the key word of Mentech Innovations brand activities, and participate in the “Exploring the Wilderness Road” belonging to the brave together with the brave; Feel the relationship between man and nature in outdoor sports with elite outdoor masters such as Chinese mountaineering association, Shenzhen Mountaineering Association and Wang Shi; A series of brand activities, such as cross-border joint name with National Geographic and making the city a part of the outdoors, will be planned to show consumers rich and diverse outdoor lifestyles. Outdoor lovers look forward to Mentech Innovations and people who love outdoor life to “go to the wild and find their true self” and explore beyond the limits.

Mentech will adhere to the enterprise advantage of “scientific and technological innovation+intelligent manufacturing”, realize the continuous strengthening of independent brands, increase investment in the product strategic and technical layout of digitalization+new energy, continuously strengthen the accumulation of brand hard power, and lay out the consumer market with the two-wheel drive business strategy of TO B+TO C. With the ecological theme of “Go outside together “, Mentech promotes brand influence, builds product competitiveness, exerts channel competitiveness, realizes the continuous evolution of strong brands, brings service enjoyment of first-class outdoor brands, and satisfies consumers’ beautiful imagination of outdoor life.

As one of the few scientific and technological enterprises that can integrate the whole outdoor industry chain, have resources integration, technical strength and service quality, Mentech Innovations have not forgotten its corporate social responsibility, and have reached brand strategic cooperation with outdoor talents in various industries, and established a group of 100 people. As the chief experience officer of the brand, the 100-member group provides outdoor professional consumer experience suggestions for Mentech Innovations outdoor technology products, promotes outdoor lifestyle together, advocates the environmental protection concept of “traceless outdoor”, expands brand influence in the name of group, and actively contributes to the sustainable and healthy development of outdoor environment. Mentech Innovations will continue to have in-depth communication with the 100-member group, take the outdoor lifestyle circle as a window, learn what outdoor enthusiasts think, and accept suggestions from professional enthusiasts, constantly update product design, and bring a more touching product experience.

At the meeting, Mentech Innovations’ new outdoor watch-xian was officially released. Inspired by the font deconstruction of the Chinese character “xian”, the product is deeply implanted with the spirit of outdoor exploration, taking “Qi is above the mountain, people travel in the mountain”. The moral of “looking for the true self in the mountain atmosphere, spying on inner abundance and freedom”. With the attitude of “no identity symbol, only the common inscription of spirit”, this watch has attracted the attention of a large number of outdoor sports enthusiasts who love nature and are eager to explore. The expectation is that people who pursue pure inner pleasure outdoors will wear Xe and go outdoors together!


With strong brand strength, Mentech Innovations have won unanimous recognition from strategic partners in outdoor ecological field and head agents in various industries, and reached strategic cooperation at the conference. This comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in outdoor ecological brand building, technology manufacturing, sales agency and other fields marks another step for Mentech Innovations to strengthen the brand strength in the outdoor ecological field. Mentech Innovations will work with strategic partners to realize the beautiful ideas of Mentech’s outdoor ecological strategy, jointly tap the outdoor ecological potential, stimulate the new vitality of the market, create win-win value, and promote the new prosperity of the outdoor ecological market.

The convening of “Go outside together -2022 First Outdoor Ecosystem Summit” shows Mentech’s confidence in outdoor ecological construction, brand building, product pursuit and strategic layout. Under the guidance of the forward-looking outdoor ecological strategy, partners also have high confidence in the future development of the brand. It is expected that many parties will go hand in hand. Under the guidance of the brand mission of “making science and technology resonate with life”, Mentech Innovations will bring outdoor enthusiasts an outdoor ecological experience beyond imagination and set off a new wave of outdoor lifestyle.

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