July 24, 2024

ThoughtSpot Everywhere is renamed ThoughtSpot Embedded, delivering invisible analytics and powerful business outcomes with new developer productivity investments, pricing editions, courses, and certifications

ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics company, today announced a series of initiatives for developers and product builders to empower their customers, partners and employees with generative AI and embedded natural language search, including a new pricing edition, a Vercel Marketplace listing, support channels, and new courses and certifications.

In the last year, every company has set goals on becoming a GenAI-powered company, seeking to leverage the new wave of technology to be disruptors in their industries, increase engagement and adoption with their customers, and accelerate innovation and time to market with new solutions. Most product teams lack the resources, time, and expertise to fully lean in on research and development in this entirely new space, but know they need an answer fast.


ThoughtSpot is helping companies of all sizes, from Global 2000 like PepsiCo and Becton Dickinson to digital natives including MDAudit, RedEye, and Act-On, spark their own Data Renaissance and deliver on these goals through embedded generative AI-powered analytics. In roughly two years since launching ThoughtSpot’s embedded solution, the product line now constitutes a quarter of the Company’s total ARR and is growing nearly 100% year-over-year. ThoughtSpot has renamed the embedded solution, previously known as ThoughtSpot Everywhere to ThoughtSpot Embedded, reflecting ThoughtSpot’s vision to make analytics invisible – seamlessly embedded into every data application and user workflow – and its business outcomes visible. We’re putting humans, not technology, at the core of data-driven decision making.

“When our sales team shares ThoughtSpot Sage with our customers it blows people away. It’s a great way to expose people to search, especially in cases where people may feel a bit intimidated by data. This gives you answers fast. ThoughtSpot Sage makes something that could be complex, simple,” said Duessa Holscher, Principal Product Manager at Act-On.

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Putting GenAI to Work through Embedded Analytics
Following ThoughtSpot’s latest genAI-powered enhancements released in January 2024, including the launch of ThoughtSpot Sage Embed and AskDocs, ThoughtSpot today announced a series of updates aimed at helping developers and product builders seamlessly integrate GenAI into their apps and services more efficiently and cost-effectively, ultimately lowering total cost of ownership, decreasing time to market, and creating new revenue streams that will support customers in delivering outsized value to their end users. These new features and offerings include:

  • Developer Edition. Today, developers and product builders can get started with the new Developer Edition, which offers developers exploring ThoughtSpot in free trial an opportunity to try ThoughtSpot Embedded capabilities with their specific use case for free for 12 months.
  • Vercel Marketplace Integration. Just like how Vercel handles the underlying infrastructure for developers to quickly build and deploy apps with ease, this new app listing for ThoughtSpot enables developers to quickly embed ThoughtSpot’s AI-powered analytics into their apps via the Vercel Marketplace.
  • Discord ChannelAs users experience ThoughtSpot Embedded and build out their projects, developers looking to engage ThoughtSpot Embedded subject matter experts with technical questions can now receive guidance in our Discord community.
  • New ThoughtSpot Embedded Courses and Certifications. ThoughtSpot University is releasing a new paid certification for ThoughtSpot Embedded, the ThoughtSpot Embedded Developer. The new certification is for developers looking to attain formal recognition of their skills and knowledge in AI-Powered Analytics with ThoughtSpot Embedded. As part of this new update, ThoughtSpot University also now offers three new instructor-led ThoughtSpot Embedded courses for free:
    • Embedding Fundamentals for JavaScript Developers
    • Advanced Embedding for JavaScript Developers
    • Using ThoughtSpot REST APIs

“ThoughtSpot Sage is a game-changing differentiator for ThoughtSpot among BI platforms. By enabling natural language to search data, and then accompanying the results with suggestions for further questions and answers using the latest AI capabilities, ThoughtSpot has democratized data for even the casual data user in every organization,” said Karl Riddett, Strategy Lead, InterWorks. “Recently with the ability to embed ThoughtSpot Sage into an application or website, users and organizations can now use the latest AI Analytics capabilities in any application. InterWorks has helped clients enable this capability of embedding ThoughtSpot Sage in their own custom application or within InterWorks’ Curator product. Organizations that are looking to democratize analytics to all users wherever they are located, should investigate this capability of embedding ThoughtSpot Sage.”

“In the past, data has been an asset for the few, not the many. Those who have had direct access to data, have been bogged down with tasks to disseminate only the blessed version of the truth, making it nearly impossible for organizations to make timely, data-driven decisions,” said Vijay Venugopal, VP of Product and General Manager of ThoughtSpot Embedded. “Thanks to generative AI, we’re witnessing the rebirth of data analytics – the Data Renaissance. ThoughtSpot Embedded is a product of the Data Renaissance, empowering developers and product builders to put GenAI to work for their business and unlock new found potential and opportunity for end customers. We’re proud to be an innovation partner for customers on their GenAI journeys, as we continue to break down barriers and make the world a more fact driven place by putting the power of data driven insights in the hands of everyone.”

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The post ThoughtSpot Makes Embedding AI-Powered Analytics Easy and Ubiquitous for Everyone first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

ThoughtSpot Makes Embedding AI-Powered Analytics Easy and Ubiquitous for Everyone first appeared on Web and IT News.

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