September 24, 2023
Deehabta’s Song is recognized for its outstanding writing, design and overall market appeal out of thousands of books submitted into the Book Excellence Awards.

Deehabta’s Song is a groundbreaking work of science fiction about a woman’s struggle to overcome the consequences of her resistance to tyranny. Set 30 cycles after a devastating interplanetary war, Krissa, a woman in her sixties, is forced to take a terrifying and triumphant journey through her subconscious mind to discover the roots of her trauma and who she really is. Deehabta’s Song was named a Finalist in the Science Fiction category of the Book Excellence Awards. The awards competition is dedicated to recognizing both independent and traditionally published authors and publishers for excellence in writing, design and overall market appeal in over 100 countries around the world.

The Book Excellence Awards provide an extensive array of programs to help independent authors, and I was thrilled to receive recognition of my book from this prestigious organization,” says author Stephen Alder. A multi-award-winning author, Alder brings a unique, cinematic flair to storytelling, providing an uplifting escape from mundane day-to-day reality. With Deehabta’s Song, his goal was to pull readers into an exciting, suspenseful story filled with well-rounded, relatable characters to give readers a reason to invest in what happened next. “I want readers to be immersed in another world and experience the sorrows and joys of the main character’s struggle and ultimate success.” 

The book weaves together several standout features that put it in a class of its own. Alder’s writing is fast-paced and immediate, with many scenes that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The protagonist, Krissa, is a universally relatable character in a world that bears little resemblance to our own; the book’s cast of supporting characters also contribute worthwhile dimensions to the unfolding of its arc. In addition, themes of war, politics, redemption and self-discovery tie the work together in a memorable way, showing that life, no matter how challenging, always finds a way to continue.

Deehabta’s Song has received positive reviews from well-known literary organizations, authors, and reviewers around the world. BlueInk Review writes, “Realism merges with cosmic world building to create an immersive experience in Stephen Alder’s Deehabta’s Song. … Densely populated with immersive detail and portraying a realistic plight of women in harsh political landscapes, Deehabta’s Song will delight genre readers, particularly those seeking stories about women with the fullness of their humanity intact.” In addition, Goodreads reviewer Myra writes, “The loss of identity, interplanetary machinations, ‘scientific’ experiments, war, greed and a soul shaking revelation brings the characters of this story together. A great story leaving you wanting more.”

Deehabta’s Song shakes up the genre with a fresh twist that will leave readers dying to pick up the next one. Available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks, readers looking for an engrossing, imaginative science fiction epic are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

About the Author

Stephen Alder is a writer and author of Deehabta’s Song, a science fantasy novel set in the distant future. Deehabta’s Song won a Book Excellence Award in the Science Fiction Category, a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Book in the Category of Science Fiction, NABE Fall 2021, and a Literary Titan Silver Award, March 2022. This is the first book in a series, and Stephen is currently working on the second book.

Born in 1952 into a military family, Stephen lived in the U.S. mainland, Hawaiian Islands, and Germany while growing up. Later, he married a woman from Indonesia and made a few trips to the islands of Java and Bali, taking lots of photos. These experiences, along with his interest in ancient history and culture, helped shape the book he would eventually write.

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