July 23, 2024
SMS Text Messaging Marketing for the New Year from SMS Texting Leader TrueDialog 14

The New Year is upon us and it’s the perfect time for businesses to reevaluate their marketing tools for the coming year. As more businesses integrate SMS text messaging into the marketing mix, it becomes even more important to find a texting solution that is scalable, feature rich, trusted, and cost efficient. SMS texting leader TrueDialog has been at the forefront of SMS and highlights key considerations to use SMS text messaging in the New Year.

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“Request a demo to see how easy it is to text with customers and boost business this New Year with TrueDialog.”
— Ken Narita, Chief Marketing Officer, TrueDialog

• Drives marketing and sales. Send mass text messages to alert customers about new or existing products and services, promotions, sales, exclusive offers, and even upcoming events. Brands can even include a link to their website to quickly drive traffic.

• Improves the customer experience. Businesses benefit from text messaging’s quickness, accessibility, and capacity as it allows for two-way interactions bridging the gap between buyers’ in-person and online buying habits. Studies show that 54% of customers like receiving text message promotions with only 11% of businesses doing it.

• Enables real-time communications. Customers who receive text messages read them quickly as individuals check their mobile phones 47 times daily. With special offers, text messaging provides a better chance for customers to see and respond quickly.

• Provides cost-effective marketing tool. Text message marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools a business can use – dramatically less than paid media or even email platforms. With texting reaching 98% open rates in some studies, compared to emails at 20%, texting represents the best way to ensure a brand’s message reaches their customers.

• Improves a brand’s customer service. Use customer service texts to inform customers about order confirmations and tracking updates, reservations, appointment reminders, and payment confirmations. And depending on one’s business, texts can be used for scheduled reminders about annual renewals, check-ups, or even routine maintenance.

• Allows for easy, effective way to gain customer feedback. Business can use text messaging to gain valuable feedback from customers about their products or services which can help shape future product or service offerings. This makes customers feel valued as businesses are seeking their valuable opinion.

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What to look for in an SMS Messaging Platform

When looking for a SMS marketing platform, look for one that offers mass and one-to-one texting capabilities, fast implementation, native integrations into CRMs, and easy administrator controls. It should offer enterprise-level features at a low cost with high deliverability rates. Ultimately, the platform should make it easy for businesses to simply create and send text messages to customers instantly.

Get started with Text Message Marketing

To get ones business started with effective customer communications, reach out to TrueDialog, which is committed to assisting businesses in running and developing effective business texting capabilities. TrueDialog has native integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.com. Integrations with Marketo, Eloqua, and other CRMs are also available making sending messages as easy as sending an email.

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