July 23, 2024
This revolutionary handheld device safely maximizes high-performance serums, rebuilds collagen, and ultimately smoothes skin.

Getting one’s at-home skincare tools can be challenging because of many factors. For one, there are so many to choose from that make claims that just aren’t true. Two, those same claims put every type of skin into one group, when not all skin is created equal–a skincare tool that works for one person may not work for another. Third, prices also come into play–is this tool worth its price?

Out of all the many important factors to consider, one stood out for Jessica Cooley, an internationally award-winning esthetician–how a skincare tool helps maximize the benefits of her client’s water-based serums and give professional level results. During the Covid shutdowns of 2020 Jessica was able to research the issues that her clients were facing. Like, many use their fingers to apply their skincare products which means their skin only absorbs a small amount of the serums because their fingers absorb most of it. Jessica thought there has to be a better way. This was where she created her skin care tool, the Skin Wand Pro.


Fun fact that Jessica figured out during her research is that when a serum is rubbed on the skin, only a small amount of serum is absorbed by the skin, and a larger amount is either absorbed by the fingers or left on the surface to evaporate. When this happens, the skin care product’s efficacy is not maximized.

To avoid this waste, Jessica came up with the idea of creating Skin Wand Pro, an at-home skincare device that has the magic of a micro-needling device without the pain, bleeding, or downtime. The Skin Wand Pro creates microscopic channels in the skin so the serum can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, triggering collagen production, fading discoloration, smoothing fine wrinkle lines, and plumping the skin. Skin Wand Pro also encourages the removal of dead skin cells from the surface, leaving the skin bright, tight, and younger-looking.

Skin Wand Pro takes the skincare routine to a whole new level. According to a company representative, Skin Wand Pro provides professional results without the expensive costs “Upgrade your skincare routine with Skin Wand Pro and get professional results without the downtime, pain, or expensive visits to med spas,” the representative said.

Skin Wand Pro is the first dual-purpose skin care device designed for home use. This innovative tool is best used in the evening for exfoliation and product penetration for maximum efficacy. At the same time, this specially designed facial wand can be used in the mornings to follow up the deep penetration of facial serums and plumping of lips for smooth makeup application.

This facial wand is designed to also enhance professional treatments. It has multiple applications to meet unique skin care needs and can be safely used to address all skin types and conditions. Skin Wand Pro is recommended to use at least three times a week for noticeable results, but it is safe enough for daily use for more luminous and hydrated skin.

Skin Wand Pro is available through its website https://www.skinwandpro.com/. It may be purchased alone or with the Skin Wand Pro Hydra Bright Serum and 24K Lift Six Peptides Serum.


About Skin Wand Pro

Skin Wand Pro is a revolutionary handheld device that provides an innovative solution to help maintain healthy-looking skin. It is a pain-free option for micro-needling for home use, which helps maximize the benefits of skin care products.

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Company Name: Skin Wand Pro
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Phone: (803)200-2774
Country: United States
Website: https://www.skinwandpro.com/

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