July 11, 2024

Sequence, the leading development platform for Web3 games, announces a partnership with Google Cloud to offer its full-stack platform to Google Cloud customers.

“Since the beginning, Sequence’s goal has been to let any developer—traditional or Web3—focus on making great games without having to understand Web3 complexity, and our partnership with Google Cloud propels that forward”

Sequence and Google Cloud’s collaboration makes it easier than ever for game makers to leverage Web3 technology, and ensures that developers have access to the most robust suite of Web3 tools as part of their cloud and game development infrastructure.

Sequence’s gaming-grade technology platform was built from the ground up to solve access barriers for developers, enable services that gamers care about, and empower designers to create innovative play experiences that delight gamers, all while eliminating the complexity and friction of working with Web3 technologies. The Sequence stack is uniquely complete, spanning wallets and accounts, marketplaces, smart contract management, analytics, indexers, relayers, node gateways, and plugins for Unity, Unreal, web, and mobile. Sequence offers a robust all-in-one solution for the quickly growing industry and lets developers focus on game development while players can simply enjoy their games.

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“Sequence gives game developers the freedom to focus on crafting exceptional gameplay for players,” said Jack Buser, Director for Games, Strategic Industries at Google Cloud. “Through this collaboration, Sequence removes the complexity of Web3 technology, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both developers and players.”

Traditional AAA game studios and newer Web3-native developers alike have been using Sequence’s solutions for years to facilitate new methods of monetization, game design, player rewards, and user acquisition.

At the end of 2023, Sequence launched Sequence Builder, a no-code portal for its complete development suite. Sequence Builder revolutionizes the ease with which traditional web2 and Web3-native game developers integrate blockchain-based elements into their experiences, with AAA publishers, new indie studios, game launchers, and others leveraging the platform. Through this partnership, any developer can effortlessly use Sequence Builder, including its embedded gamer wallets and royalty-enforcing in-game marketplaces, as easily as any Google Cloud tool.

“Since the beginning, Sequence’s goal has been to let any developer—traditional or Web3—focus on making great games without having to understand Web3 complexity, and our partnership with Google Cloud propels that forward,” said Greg Canessa, President and COO at Sequence. “Unfortunately, what we’ve seen is that too often the complexity of understanding and building underlying blockchain infrastructure has taken cycles away from the creative process of making great games that people love, and that in turn has yielded some poor quality experiences which have turned gamers off of the whole concept. Integrating Web3 shouldn’t be any harder than setting up a game server, and Google Cloud’s ethos perfectly matches ours.”

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The games industry is facing changes and new challenges, with spiking user acquisition costs and old monetization models struggling to adapt. Sequence’s technology is at the forefront of giving developers new methods to engage, incentivize, and delight players, and Web3-enhanced games powered by Sequence demonstrate improved performance compared to traditional titles, especially around key performance metrics in growth, monetization, and retention.

Building the Future of Gaming with Rough House Games

Rough House Games, the publishers of Champions Ascension, chose Sequence and Google Cloud to power its award-winning arena RPG. “We set out to build an incredible game, and that meant we needed infrastructure partners who understood what an incredible game takes to make,” said Alejandro Gonzalez, Co-Founder at Rough House Games. “We want the best experience as developers so we can make the best experience for our players, and Sequence and Google Cloud make it simple, easy, and future-proofed as we grow.”

The game uses Sequence’s gold-standard seamless wallet and in-game marketplace technology, which have been shown to increase user adoption, retention and average revenue per user. The Sequence stack allows Champions Ascension to focus on user acquisition and keeping players in the game longer with an experience that feels native to gamers, rather than wasting time on complex integrations.

Like Sequence’s technology, Google Cloud plays a vital role in supporting Rough House’s development and success. With everything from game backend servers to authoritative multiplayer battle servers located around the world, Google Cloud offers top-tier scalability, availability and performance.

Sequence and Google Cloud set the stage for best practices in innovative game development for Rough House and all other developers, helping studios craft the next generation of titles to captivate gamers. To get started, developers can visit the Sequence Builder platform.

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