November 29, 2023
Gareth Owen, Owner of RS Digital Marketing, shared his perspective on the positive implications of this policy update, stating, “The change is needed to prevent individuals from gaming the system, as is currently happening with AI-generated reviews.”
RS Digital Marketing, a prominent search engine optimisation company based in Lancashire, wholeheartedly supports Google’s recent initiative to address the misuse of AI-generated reviews through their updated Google Merchant Centre policy on “automated content.”

As per the updated policy, Google now explicitly prohibits the use of reviews that are primarily generated by automated programs or artificial intelligence applications. To maintain the integrity of user-generated reviews, businesses are urged to mark any identified AI-generated content as spam using the “is spam” attribute in their feed.

The exploitation of AI-generated reviews has been a growing concern, impacting the credibility and reliability of review systems across various platforms. Google’s firm stance on addressing this issue will help ensure that users can trust and rely on authentic reviews to make informed decisions.

As a result of this policy change, Google emphasises that violations may result in content disapproval, warnings, or even account suspensions. RS Digital Marketing commends Google’s proactive approach to swiftly act against policy violations to maintain a fair and trustworthy review ecosystem.

“Google has shown a willingness to act fast on policy violations, so we expect those who’re exploiting AI-generated reviews will be taken down a peg quick sharp,” emphasized Mr. Owen, acknowledging Google’s commitment to upholding the quality and credibility of user-generated content.

RS Digital Marketing firmly believes in ethical SEO practices and supporting initiatives that contribute to a positive online experience for users and businesses alike. They stand by Google’s efforts to protect the authenticity of user-generated reviews, ensuring that businesses can engage with their customers genuinely and transparently.

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