September 22, 2023
Every human has the right to produce, consume, invest, and control their labor and property to achieve prosperity – that is economic freedom. Realizing economic freedom creates healthier societies, promotes human development, eliminates poverty, and promotes cleaner environments. The Wealth Zone University’s novel business mindsets provide the knowledge to create economic freedom, paving the way for prosperity.

Good news for businesses dreaming of creating economic freedom. Wealth Zone University’s novel business mindsets empower businesses and entrepreneurs to create sustainable success. These mindsets offer tools and approaches that help them take their businesses from idea stage to profitability.

The Wealth Zone University helps businesses master “The Business of Being in Business” based on more than 30 years of business experience. According to the Wealth Zone University, success in Business is possible for any Business Owner who begins their Entrepreneurial Journey with a Proper Mindset, an appropriate Business Model, and Effective Advisors. 

What are novel business mindsets? These three mindsets teach business owners to become visionaries, make their businesses economic assets, and adapt, implement, and adhere to proven business models.

The first mindset is named Business Owner; You are the Leader and Visionary who must ensure the Success of Your Business. Are You Ready? This mindset requires one to recognize that being in business is more than commerce – it is economics. 

While business refers to making a living by engaging in commerce, and commerce relates to buying and selling, especially on a large scale, companies need to be more than commerce to gain economic freedom. They need to engage in economics, which refers to production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

The second mindset is that Your Business is an Economic Asset – The basis of Your future Economic Freedom. An economic asset can generate economic value in the form of income and cash flow. A business should become a financial asset, but this can only happen if the owner views, plans for, and manages it as an economic asset. This requires considering oneself an asset manager who aims to build value and wealth in the business.

The third and final mindset is that Success in Business is inevitable when the Business Owner adapts, implements, and adheres to a Proven Business Model. This mindset is based on a Large Enterprise Business Model and relies on a concept called Stockholder Wealth Maximization. 

This concept’s primary objective is generating maximum stockholder value. Stockholders invest in Large Enterprise Businesses and expect them to increase in value, thus increasing their wealth. Therefore, they hold company management responsible for all operations to maximize stockholder wealth.

Since businesses do not have stockholders, owners must act as the stockholders. Adopting the Large Enterprise Business Model and holding oneself accountable for all operations that increase economic freedom leads to business success.

About The Wealth Zone University

The Wealth Zone University is an infotainment branch of The Success Zone. It provides financial management information to businesses of all sizes. Their team relies on over 30 years of business experience to share knowledge on topics ranging from mindset to financial strategies and wealth building.


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