July 23, 2024
PacLights, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial lighting fixtures, has released a line of outdoor lighting products. These fixtures are perfect for parking lots, warehouses, and other outdoor areas.

PacLights, a US-based manufacturer of industrial lighting fixtures, has launched the latest line of outdoor lighting products. The company’s new lighting range is perfect for those who want to buy industrial light fixtures for outdoor areas like parking lots, warehouses, and more. All the lighting products come with modern aesthetics and advanced safety features to ensure security within the given premises. With quality yet competitively priced industrial lighting fixtures, PacLights ensures extra security and comfort for visitors and employees in commercial areas like parking spaces, driveways, etc.  


In a digital interview, the spokesperson of PacLights recently stated, “We understand that today’s business owners not only want practical lighting solutions but they also look for aesthetic lighting fixtures that add value to their property and leave good first impressions on visitors. PacLights has a huge collection of stylish lighting products like wall-mounted lights, ceiling lights, commercial lights, and more to make the surrounding space appear more radiant. With well-lit industrial spaces, employees and visitors feel more secure. Plus, the given facility will stand out in terms of aesthetics and convenience.”

The industrial lights offered by PacLights are not only energy-efficient but also high-performing. Thus, these lighting solutions ensure significant energy savings and quick return on investment. Earlier metal halide (MH), high-pressure sodium (HPS), induction, and fluorescent lamps were commonly used for lighting up parking garages. These lighting fixtures consumed more energy. However, PacLights provides advanced LED lighting solutions that are energy-efficient, practical, and lightweight. Besides, these new lights are easy to install without any hassle. The company’s parking garage LED lights use specialized reflectors and lenses to distribute light evenly to larger areas with fewer bulbs.

The spokesperson further added, “PacLights believes that industrial buildings need well-lit lighting solutions to enhance the safety and security of their premises. Being one of the top industrial outdoor light manufacturers in the nation, we curate premium lighting solutions keeping customers’ requirements in mind. Therefore, customers trust our lights due to their durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. In case of an issue, our customer service team is always there to resolve any queries. We follow a customer-centric approach to gain the trust of customers while standing out from our rivals in the market.”

In addition to producing high-performance lighting fixtures, PacLights also offers retrofit kits and controls. Using the leading solid-state technology of LED as a lighting source, the lights offered by the company are just ideal for commercial and industrial applications because of their energy efficiency and practicality. PacLights has an easy-to-navigate website, allowing customers to explore the complete line of industrial lights and choose the right lighting solutions based on their needs and budget.

About PacLights:

PacLights offers a wide range of lighting solutions for industrial applications. Since 2013, the company has committed itself to provide quality controls, lighting fixtures, and retrofit kits that perform well. Many consumers like local governments, Fortune 500, and top private sector property owners depend on PacLights for lighting solutions. For, PacLights delivers energy-efficient and lasting products to help reduce energy usage while promoting environmental friendliness.

Contact Information:

PacLights, LLC

15318 El Prado Rd.


Chino, CA 91710, USA

Phone: 800-988-6386

Fax: 800-685-5689                              

Website: https://www.paclights.com/

HOURS: 7 am – 5 pm PST (Mon – Fri)

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