December 1, 2023

Oteko has conducted a series of training events for the employees of the company regarding proper management of waste resulting from production activities at the port of Taman. The aim of the seminars was to improve the employees’ knowledge of waste disposal and handling for achieving greater operational efficiency.

The events were attended by a total of 176 employees of Oteko Portservice, giving them invaluable insights into proper waste sorting and collection. The company has long installed color-coded sorting containers at its facilities, ensuring that employees properly manage waste and thus reduce possible contamination. Another part of the seminars was dedicated to waste removal application submission, as well as secondary waste sorting for subsequent recycling.

The end of the seminar was marked by the distribution of checklists to department managers in order to ensure the control and monitoring of secondary waste sorting sites. The timely removal and replacement of waste containers is a key element of waste management to prevent its accumulation and potential harm to the employees or the environment.

Oteko Portservice Conducts Waste Management Seminars 4

The ultimate aim of such seminars is to elevate the conscious level of the employees in terms of routine operational process management. Such an approach to waste management is key to preventing harm to the local environment and ecology of the Taman Region. Michel Litvak billionaire is a staunch supporter of such measures, which help improve the quality of life for local communities.

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