July 15, 2024

Every once in a while, there comes a book that challenges and changes the very way we see and experience life. The Road to Kedarnath by Dr. Immanual Joseph is one of them. This inspirational and empowering narrative is a uniquely endearing solution to the stress and anxiety of modern-day living. Through this work, Immanual Joseph hopes to offer an invaluable resource that will help readers navigate overwhelming scenarios and discover a sense of inner peace and harmony.

The Road to Kedarnath is available in Audio, Paperback, and Ebook formats on multiple platforms. In this book, readers are taken on a journey of personal exploration as they learn how to shift their perspectives and approach life in new ways. Whether struggling with depression or feeling weighed down by daily stressors, the book offers valuable insight into how shifting one’s inner lenses can lead to newfound positivity and joy.


The book is a quick read but also one that can be read over and over again. The author has done an excellent job interweaving deep, practical wisdom and powerful, moving storylines. The themes in the book are highly relatable, and the author provides accessible non-preachy toolkits for inner peace,” reads one of the many 5-star reviews on AmazonTM. “In addition, the complex ideas presented in the book are easily digestible, making it an excellent read for anyone looking for convincing pointers for self-forgiveness.”

With a PhD in Biochemistry and Life Coach certification from IPEC, Immanual has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to this work. He has given three TEDx™ talks, written seven other books in two languages, taught compassion skills in companies such as AmazonTM, FacebookTM, SalesforceTM, and HSBCTM, run a senior care business and now works as a high school teacher.

To learn more about Immanual Joseph and to get a copy of The Road To Kedarnath, visit https://iniyanjose.wixsite.com/trtk.


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