July 21, 2024

Waitsfield, Vermont, USA – April 6, 2023 – Renowned consultant, coach and public speaker Mark Edward Gaffney has released his latest anthology, Navigating Retirement in the New Economy: A Definitive Guide for Retiring Well. This new book is the third installment in the retirement guide series. Compiling expert financial tips from a diverse group of advisors, the book offers valuable educational resources that help American retirement seekers make the right decisions for their golden years.

Navigating Retirement in the New Economy is a comprehensive guide to approach retirement with strategy and create a reliable retirement plan that can withstand any economical climate. According to the authors, most people don’t even know the right questions to ask their financial advisor, let alone make the right decisions. This compilation is an endeavor to give American retirement seekers direct access to expert knowledge and recommendations. In addition, the book equips them with essential tools/techniques to create retirement income, protect one’s wealth, effective tax planning or anything in between.


“Navigating Retirement in the New Economy will give you the tools and direct you on the right path so you can make sound decisions for you and your family during these ever-changing times.”
– Steven E. Schmitt, Founder and CEO of Law of Positivity

For this new compilation, Mark has featured chapters from highly experienced financial advisors whom he trusts and collaborates with often. Featured authors include: Gaby C. Mechem, Charles J. Czajka III, Tamara Czajka, David Chalmers, Marc Rogers, Todd Allen, Michael Kojonen, Keith Herman and Don Albach.

Among this dynamic group of advisors, each person brings their own unique expertise to the table. By bringing together these diverse and experienced people, the book offers well-rounded and effective retirement strategies that American retirees need today. Featured authors are available for interviews upon request.

Mark Edward Gaffney is a seasoned financial expert who is proactive in helping people with their retirement planning. In addition to being a coach, consultant, public speaker and editor, he is also the founder of MEG, a boutique consulting and marketing firm that caters to the financial services industry.

Navigating Retirement in the New Economy is now available on Amazon.com.


Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BZT1TJ3D

About Mark Edward Gaffney: https://markedwardgaffney.com/meg-team

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