July 11, 2024

“Joe Roberts” Caputo is thrilled to announce the release of his inspirational novel, “Miracle in Mexico.” Joe is a skilled storyteller whose stories resonate with readers from all walks of life. The author’s commitment to writing inspiring stories has earned him a warming spot in the hearts of many enthusiasts. “Miracle in Mexico” cements further his recognition in the literary world.

In an arresting narrative, the book draws a Venn diagram that connects determination, talent, and sports. “Miracle in Mexico,” tells the story of how Diego Aguilar, a young Mexican boy born in an obscure village in Mexico, with certain birth defects (his right arm is two inches longer than his left, and his right shoulder is also larger and stronger) and from a humble background, discovered in a forest that he had an incredible ability to throw a rock with incredible speed and deadly accuracy.


A chance encounter with a barker who dares anyone to try to strike out one of the best hitters for the Mexico Comets baseball team causes Diego, who has only 15 pesos to his name, to take up the challenge with a chance of winning 100 pesos.

To everyone’s amazement, he strikes out the batter on three pitches with a blinding fastball. This leads to a trip to the baseball complex to collect his winnings. While there, he is asked to demonstrate his talent. The rest is a success story that lifts a lackluster team to heights they never dreamed of. In the process, he becomes a national hero and uses his fame to help his village and others like it.

The “Miracle in Mexico” story unfolds in a gripping tale that engrosses readers and takes them on an unforgettable ride into the life of an unassumed young man. It shows readers that there is more drama in sports than imagined.

This book is available in both print and digital formats at Amazon and via the publisher’s website. Readers can grab a copy today and embark on a warming and intriguing journey into the life of Diego Aguilar.

About The Author


“Joe Roberts” Caputo started writing novels when he was 75. After a 50-year career as a disc jockey and TV host of “Golfing America ” on the Travel Channel, in which he traveled to golf courses in Scotland, Acapulco, The French Riviera, Mexico and other glamorous venues, Joe turned his talent toward some ideas he thought would make for a good story.

Now, at 89, with 14 books to his credit and two more in development, he is still at it. Joe loves to garden and is an avid photographer. A widower, he lives in Coram, NY. His books resonate well with readers and have earned him enormous recognition. A sampling of all of Joe’s books can be seen at his website, joerobertscaputo.com.

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