May 17, 2024

MiaRec introduces AI Prompt Designer: Revolutionizing conversation intelligence with customizable prompts for enhanced performance and accuracy.

MiaRec, a leading provider of AI-powered Conversation Intelligence solutions, is thrilled to introduce AI Prompt Designer, a feature crafted to streamline the customization and testing of Generative AI prompts within the MiaRec platform. AI Prompt Designer provides users with a secure testing environment to tailor Generative AI prompts, ensuring optimal performance prior to deployment in production.

AI Prompt Designer represents a paradigm shift in the field of Conversation Intelligence, empowering users with unprecedented flexibility and control over prompt customization. As Contact Centers increasingly embrace Generative AI-powered solutions to automate quality assurance processes, harness customer insights, and equip agents with assisting technology, the demand for tailored solutions is more pressing than ever. Yet, many encounter obstacles with off-the-shelf offerings that come with predefined models and prompts, potentially constraining their adaptability and failing to align with the unique requirements of organizations.


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“Predefined prompts are often perceived as offering simplicity and a quicker start, especially for teams without the resources or time to experiment,” said Gennadiy Bezko, CEO at MiaRec. “However, they may not cater to the nuanced needs of every business, potentially limiting the scope of insights and the effectiveness of AI-driven solutions.”

The AI Prompt Designer is a user-friendly feature designed to enable users to refine and fine-tune prompts within a secure and controlled testing environment before deploying them to live environments. This innovative tool empowers customers to craft and evaluate Generative AI prompts tailored to their specific needs and objectives. The ability to customize prompts translates into enhanced call scoring accuracy, insightful call summaries, and targeted agent coaching, addressing critical areas unique to each business.

“We’re excited to present AI Prompt Designer as a groundbreaking addition to our AQM and Conversation Intelligence platform,” said Gennadiy Bezko, CEO of MiaRec. “Generative AI has the power to revolutionize Conversation Intelligence solutions in contact centers, but to truly harness its potential, users must be equipped with innovative tools and technologies. With MiaRec AI Prompt Designer, customers can effortlessly customize their AI experience and maximize its benefits.”

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Key Features of the MiaRec AI Prompt Designer:
1. Unparalleled Customization: Users can easily customize prompts according to their specific requirements, tailoring them to suit different scenarios and objectives.

2. Controlled Testing and Optimization: AI Prompt Designer allows users to test their customized prompts in a simulated environment, giving companies control over their Generative AI capabilities. By repeatedly testing and refining their prompts, users can improve them for better effectiveness and performance.

3. Prompt Library: AI Prompt Designer includes a library of sample prompts designed to assist companies in getting started. This prompt library encompasses samples for various purposes, including effective call scoring (AQM), call summaries, call categorization, key facts, and AI coaching.

MiaRec AI Prompt Designer is available for MiaRec Conversation Intelligence users leveraging Generative AI capabilities, such as Automated Quality Management (AQM), AI Assist Call Summaries, Call Categorization, AI Coaching, and other Generative AI-powered AI Insights features.

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