July 23, 2024

Credit repair consultancy firm Legal New Credit File is helping customers get a new FICO credit number by taking advantage of the 1974 privacy act law, so they can apply for new credit cards, get new apartments, and pay for utilities and vehicles.

Legal New Credit File, a reputable credit repair consultancy firm, announces their services for a new FICO credit file that allows clients get approved for new credit cards, bank accounts, etc. It can also help erase evictions so the client can get into any apartment or house they like.

The service is offered by a team of highly experienced and award-winning credit managers who have been helping clients with credit issues for more than three decades. With their unique strategy, clients legally receive a new credit profile that includes a Secondary Credit Number (SCN Number) or Credit Profile Number (CPN), backed by the 1974 privacy act law and recognized by all US states.


Getting an CPN Number through Legal New Credit File is a very simple process. The team is available to guide the client on the steps they need to take by using the existing laws to their advantage and applying effective and advanced methods like registering the new credit file with the IRS.

The Legal New Credit File team includes Emma Young, a passionate, young, and experienced credit manager who has been managing credit repair establishments for 10 years. After receiving her bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2001, she settled in New York, NY, where she became a Nationally Registered Credit Counselor. Legal New Credit File was founded by Emma’s mother Simone Young. Inspired by her mother’s commitment to helping businesses repair and build their credit, she joined the organization to add value, especially during this time of economic challenges caused by the dramatic news headlines that affect all of us.

Other legal firms are offering CPN Services to help people get a New Credit Profile. But Legal New Credit File is one of the best because of its strategic approach and simple credit secrets, which have been tested and trusted by over 1,700 satisfied customers.

The process of getting a new credit profile number is simple. The client places a call to Legal New Credit File so they can understand the clients needs and answer any questions. Next, the firm generates a file using priority software and process that generates a new 9 digit CPN number that has never been used before by anyone. Within 24 hours, the client receives their new customer credit profile report, a guide, and their new CPN number. Clients can then use the CPN number for anything that usually requires credit reporting purposes. They are free to apply for auto loans, get a new apartment, pay for utilities, or purchase a new gadget or device.


For more information, please visit https://legalnewcreditfile.com.

About Legal New Credit File

Legal New Credit File is a credit consultation firm Headquartered in New York City. The company provides personalized credit repair for individuals and businesses to repair their credit by taking advantage of existing credit laws many people are not aware of. The award-winning team is diligent and committed to their client’s needs to help them live better lives.

Media Contact
Company Name: Legal New Credit File
Contact Person: Emma Young
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Phone: 1-800-597-2560
Country: United States
Website: https://legalnewcreditfile.com

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Legal New Credit File Announces Service Helping Clients Get New FICO Credit File Number first appeared on Web and IT News.

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