July 21, 2024

Como, Italy – Studio Boero, a premier law firm, has offered legal representation and counsel for over a decade in family, criminal, and civil law. With a keen focus on client satisfaction and commitment to justice, Studio Boero has gained a reputation for delivering successful outcomes in even the most complex legal cases.

With a dynamic team of passionate and experienced lawyers, Studio Boero helps clients navigate the intricacies of Italian law to ensure they receive the best possible legal representation in their time of need. The firm’s lawyers have a wealth of experience, including inheritance, corporate and insurance, and family law.


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One of Studio Boero’s primary areas of expertise is providing legal guidance in family law cases, including child support, child custody, and divorce proceedings. The firm understands the emotional and financial impact of family disputes on individuals and their loved ones. As a result, studio Boero’s lawyers provide compassionate support and guidance while fighting to protect their client’s interests and ensure their rights are upheld under the law.

The firm’s legal expertise also extends to representing clients in criminal law cases, ranging from misdemeanors to severe offenses. The law firm’s lawyers have extensive experience representing clients accused of criminal acts, including delitto non colposo, omicidio doloso, and diffamazione aggravata. With a firm belief in equal justice under the law, the lawyers at Studio Boero work tirelessly to defend the rights of their clients and ensure that they receive a fair trial.

Additionally, Studio Boero’s team of medical legal experts assists clients in calculating danno biologico macropermanenti, or permanent bodily injuries, resulting from accidents or other incidents. The firm also provides legal representation to those who have sustained injuries from animal attacks, such as dog bites.

For those facing challenges in maintaining financial support for their children, the firm offers extensive guidance on calculating and obtaining assegno di mantenimento figlio or child support payments, including for mantenimento figli maggiorenni or adult children.

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Whether resolving legal disputes through mediation, arbitration, or litigation, Studio Boero is dedicated to pursuing the best interests of its clients. The firm’s lawyers have the expertise and the commitment to provide the best possible legal services to clients, no matter the complexity of the legal matter.

For more information visit https://www.studio-boero.com.

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