July 23, 2024

The creator commerce platform unveils generative AI tool, Creator Studio, and first integration with Adobe Express’ all-in-one editor

Kajabi, the leading creator commerce platform, today announced a collaboration with Adobe Express and the public launch of Creator Studio—a generative AI tool that, in seconds, enables creators to turn a single video into more than 40 pieces of content across social posts, blog posts, email and more. As part of this unique tech team-up, Adobe Express—the all-in-one AI content creation tool—is now directly integrated into Kajabi’s Creator Studio, pairing the power of generative AI with high-impact editing and design capabilities, empowering creators to accelerate the growth trajectory of their online ventures.


Since the Creator Studio beta launch in May 2023, Kajabi users have created over 50,000 pieces of content and reduced their time spent on content creation by over 90%. Unlike any other tool on the market, Creator Studio is fueled by over 13 years of marketing data and leverages these insights to create the most optimal marketing campaigns, quickly and easily for creators.

To date, the innovative new tool has helped Kajabi creators:

  • Unlock 40+ types of marketing content, including social media clips, emails, mini-courses, community posts, and more.
  • Build a polished brand and profitable business with Adobe Express’ editing tool without marketing, design, or video editing experience.
  • Create share-worthy content for social media from a course lesson, coaching call, or webinar to help creators create marketing gold, then share it directly to social media in just a few clicks.
  • Grow and convert audiences using a full-scale marketing funnel to turn leads into customers.

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Top-earning creators use AI tools, like Creator Studio, to increase their marketing content output and build their online businesses. According to Kajabi’s State of Creators 2024 report, 72% of six-figure creators use AI tools at least weekly, compared to only 54% of lower-earning creators. By using Creator Studio, creators and entrepreneurs save over 20 hours a month and reduce time spent on marketing by 90%.

“Creator Studio is a game-changer for creators,” said Graham Cochrane, author, speaker, and podcaster. “Its user-friendly features have reduced my workload and significantly simplified my content creation efforts. On top of that, it’s allowed me to get more mileage out of my existing content. The time I’ve saved with Creator Studio is now being used to build out my long-term strategy and accelerate my business growth.”

Powered by the Adobe Express Embed SDK, the new integration of Adobe Express in Creator Studio gives Kajabi creators the access to tools and capabilities that will reduce the time, effort, and resources required to work across different platforms for each stage of the creative journey. Users will start in Creator Studio by uploading a video and selecting the content types they’d like to create, then they’ll utilize the all-in-one editor in Adobe Express to enhance the editing process by adding effects, animations, AI-powered text effects, images, and more—all within one platform. With Adobe Express video editing tools, Kajabi creators will have access for the first time, to quickly and easily cut, crop, and trim video footage as well as add music from hundreds of royalty-free Adobe Stock soundtracks. Additional product integrations between Adobe Express and Kajabi are in development to support the growth of creator businesses.

“Product innovation lies at the heart of Kajabi’s mission. As we continue to level the playing field for aspiring entrepreneurs, leveraging generative AI remains a pivotal part of our long-term strategy,” said Ahad Khan, CEO of Kajabi. “Our collaboration with Adobe Express exemplifies our shared goal of empowering ambitious creators with top-tier creation tools and cutting-edge technology. Together, we’re redefining creators’ approaches to their craft, enhancing their productivity, and, most importantly, expediting their business growth. With Creator Studio, we’re helping creators save time and resources, enabling them to channel their energy where it truly counts: creating content and building business they control.”


“We’re excited to be teaming up with Kajabi to bring the best of Adobe Express – including social video creation – to creators at a time when content demand is exploding,” said Aubrey Cattell, Vice President, Developer Platform & Partner Ecosystem, Adobe. “This new integration, powered by the Adobe Express Embed SDK, demonstrates the combination of Adobe’s industry-leading AI content creation app and vast creator expertise from Kajabi to help users of all levels both generate and edit standout content without disrupting their creative workflows.”

The collaboration with Adobe Express follows recent news that YouTube creators Colin and Samir have partnered with Kajabi to help more creators take ownership of their incomes. These moves demonstrate Kajabi’s commitment to making the creator economy more accessible to everyone and increasing the revenue potential for all creators and digital entrepreneurs.

In 2023, Kajabi announced it had surpassed $6 billion in creator revenue just a few months after reaching the $5 billion mark. Additionally, the creator commerce platform launched its own payment processing solution, Kajabi Payments, and the branded mobile app, allowing creators to build their own mobile app experiences without technical complications or a high price tag. So far, in 2024, Kajabi released its comprehensive annual ‘State of Creators’ report revealing key trends in the creator economy, including the rise of creator ownership, the diversification of income streams, and creator forecasts for 2024.

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Kajabi Teams Up with Adobe Express to Help Creators Simplify their Content Creation for Business Growth first appeared on Web and IT News.

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