July 15, 2024
Introducing RapidVerify: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Applicant Document Verification 2
AUSTIN, Texas, June 26, 2023 (PRESSRELEASE.CC NEWSWIRE) — In today’s business landscape, where companies are facing the disconcerting reality of losing up to 5% of their revenue to fraudulent activities, the urgency for a reliable and efficient solution is critical. RapidVerify is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform specifically engineered to address the pressing issue of document fraud.

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RapidVerify: Secure and Real-Time Verification

RapidVerify is a groundbreaking SaaS platform that enables businesses to swiftly verify employment, income, liabilities, and more in real-time. This allows companies to make well-informed decisions expeditiously, thereby mitigating the risk of fraud. The platform is fully integrated with over 100 online SaaS platforms, ensuring a comprehensive solution that effectively reduces the risk of fraud by verifying directly with the original source. This direct verification minimizes the possibility of data manipulation and guarantees an exceptional level of data integrity and authenticity.

Say Goodbye to Paper Clutter

One of the major advantages of RapidVerify is the elimination of the need for paper paystubs or bank statements. The entire verification process is digital, making it both efficient and environmentally friendly. Additionally, applicants can complete the verification process from the comfort of their own homes, adding a layer of convenience to the experience.

A Word from the Founder

Jeff Flynt, the Founder of RapidVerify, states, “Our primary objective with RapidVerify is to streamline the applicant verification process. We have developed a user-centric platform that effortlessly integrates with the software tools businesses utilize daily, thereby boosting productivity and offering a streamlined experience.”

Ease of Use and Wide Coverage

Creating a verification request through RapidVerify is a streamlined process. Businesses can generate the request either through the RapidVerify platform or within the software they are already employing. Applicants can input their information from any location using the platform’s intuitive interface. Detailed verification reports are delivered in a matter of minutes via email or directly back into the company’s platform.

Additionally, RapidVerify boasts extensive coverage, encompassing approximately 85% of the U.S. workforce for income verification via payroll providers. The platform also offers robust API access to businesses subscribed to any of its plans, enabling further customization and integration possibilities.

Identity Verification

RapidVerify takes security to the next level by incorporating identity verification. This ensures that the information being verified is associated with the correct individual, adding an additional layer of security and authenticity to the process.


Utility Billing Data and Proof of Residency

RapidVerify’s capabilities extend beyond employment and income verification. The platform can also furnish utility billing data from electric, water, and gas companies, which is often considered the standard for proof of residency.

Invitation to Embrace RapidVerify

RapidVerify extends an invitation to property managers, dealerships, and small lenders to safeguard their businesses from potential revenue loss due to fraud and bolster their decision-making process through the utilization of RapidVerify’s services.

For additional information, please visit https://www.rapidverify.io/.

About RapidVerify

RapidVerify is a leading provider of real-time verification services, aiding lenders, property managers, dealerships, and other businesses in ensuring data integrity and minimizing risk associated with fraud. Through its state-of-the-art platform, RapidVerify is setting new standards in document verification, offering unmatched security and convenience.

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