July 23, 2024

The people tracking system is a small device that is ideal for monitoring the safety of children, older adults, and even pets.

Here we tell you what GPS locators for people consist of and 5 key uses to increase the security of those we love most and our assets.

What is a satellite GPS for people?

GPS devices for locating people are responsible for emitting satellite signals that are captured by a monitoring center, which is responsible for monitoring and accessing in real time the exact location of the person or vehicle where the GPS locator is located.


The installation of the people tracking system is very simple, generally using a magnetic system that adapts perfectly to the conditions of the vehicle, allowing access to the location in real-time and with cellular monitoring.

In addition to this type of GPS device for the car, there are other ways to locate people.

For example, GPS is increasingly used in the form of a keychain so that the person will have tracking wherever they go, even when they are not using the car.

Key Benefits of People Tracking System

Firstly, GPS devices, and particularly those in the form of a keychain, usually measure less than 5 centimeters and do not exceed 100 grams, making them easy to carry in a backpack, purse, pocket, and even as a necklace.

Among other important benefits of the people tracking system, we highlight that:


– They allow you to know the person’s location at all times, even from your cell phone or tablet. With a GPS tracking system, it is very easy to know where your children are in real time, so they will be safer under your supervision.

– The GPS locator for people can be assigned a radius of action so that when the person leaves that radius – for example the house – an alarm is activated. This is called the Geofence feature so if your children leave the safe zone you designed previously, you will be immediately notified so you can warn them. 

– The person tracking system has an alarm button that the child or elderly person can activate in any dangerous situation. There is always a possibility that your children may find themselves in a life-threatening situation and in such situations, seeking help from police officers immediately is possible with a GPS locator.

– It allows you to save a history to view on your cell phone, viewing the routes taken by the person. In the context of protecting your children, choosing the safest route for them is possible because the history feature allows you to get an overview of their daily routes.

– The GPS locator for people comes with a small collar that allows it to be placed even on the pet.

The people tracking system is even ideal for all types of travelers since it can be placed inside a suitcase and its location monitored at all times. It really improves personal security. If you’re interested in using a high-quality GPS locator now, you can immediately shop for PAJ-GPS.

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