September 23, 2023
HDPE machined fittings: Large Size HDPE Piping Joint Solution 2

In recent years, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) materials have become more and more widely used in piping systems. Its high corrosion resistance, plasticity, impact resistance and excellent sealing performance make it the material of choice for various industrial and civil piping systems. 

In order to meet the joint needs of large size HDPE pipeline systems, CHUANGRONG company provides customers with the most advanced HDPE machined fittings, which are precisely manufactured through mechanical processing technology. The product description, application and product advantages of HDPE machined fittings will be introduced in detail below.

Product Description: HDPE machined fittings are made of high-quality HDPE solid wall pipe. The hollow bar extruded from helical cone has a helical molecular arrangement and a high ring stress index. Final products will be machined by 5 axle CNC Machining center per drawing , fabrication is proceed per special projects requirement. We use advanced machining technology to ensure the precise size, smooth surface and perfect connection performance of each fitting. The our product line includes various types of Large size Elbows,Sweep bend, Reducers, Tees, Crosses, Flanges, End cap, Electrofusion coupler and Electrofusion saddle joints for piping systems of different specifications and pressure classes(SDR7, SDR9, SDR11, SDR13.6,  SDR17, SDR21, SDR26). Solid bars and hollow bars serve as the basis for customized products,and can process HDPE fittings with a maximum diameter of 2500mm, meeting the needs of large diameter interfaces.


 Product advantages:

  1. High corrosion resistance: HDPE material has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, can withstand the erosion of various chemicals and solvents, and prolong the service life of the piping system.
  2. Plasticity: HDPE processing fittings can be connected with the piping system through thermal fusion or mechanical connection, which is suitable for various complex layout and shape requirements.
  3. Impact resistance: HDPE material has good impact resistance, can withstand external shock and vibration, and reduce the risk of damage to the pipeline system caused by external factors.
  4. Sealing performance: HDPE processing accessories ensure good sealing performance at the joints through precise manufacturing and high-quality sealing gaskets, preventing leakage and pollution.
  5. Lightweight and durable: Compared with traditional metal accessories, HDPE processing accessories are light and durable, easy to carry and install.


Applications: HDPE machined fittings are widely used in piping systems in the following fields:

  1. Tap water supply system: It is used for tap water system connection of buildings, public facilities and residential buildings to ensure the safety, no leakage and no pollution of water sources.
  2. Industrial piping system: used in industrial fields such as chemical plants, power stations, oil fields and mines, to withstand various chemicals, high temperature and high pressure environments.
  3. Drainage systems: Used in urban drainage systems, sewage treatment plants and rainwater collection systems to ensure effective drainage and sewage treatment. Irrigation systems:
  4. Sprinkler irrigation systems used for farmland irrigation, golf courses and public green spaces, providing reliable water sources and water-saving effects.


CHUANGRONG is a share industry and trade integrated company, established in 2005 which focused on the production of HDPE Pipes, Fittings & Valves, PPR Pipes, Fittings & Valves, PP compression fittings & Valves, and sale of Plastic Pipe Welding machines, Pipe Tools, Pipe Repair Clamp and so on. If people need more details, please contact us +86-28-84319855,,

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