July 24, 2024

The high-tech brand Gresgying is at the forefront of EV fast charging solutions. Based in China, the company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of energy solutions to contribute towards a low-carbon world. As a part of efforts to promote sustainable mobility, Gresgying aims to participate in Power2Drive Europe 2023 to showcase its innovative products featuring EV charging technology. Power2Drive Europe is an international trade exhibition focusing on electric vehicles, charging systems, and mobility services. Read on to learn more.

Power2Drive Europe – Overview

Power2Drive Europe is an annual international trade event held in Munich, Germany, focusing on advancements in charging infrastructure and electromobility. The trade show offers various topics related to electric vehicles, mobility services, traction batteries, and charging systems. The event holds great importance for industry professionals and experts as it provides a platform for them to showcase advancements in energy efficiency and renewable technologies. As the world moves towards sustainable and climate-friendly transportation solutions, Power2Drive Europe is a significant milestone in this transition.


This year, Power2Drive Europe 2023 is scheduled from June 14th to 16th. The venue for the exhibition is Messe Munchen (B5-B6), Messegelande, in Munich, Germany. Gresgying will be located at booth B6 480, showcasing its latest EV charging technology and providing opportunities for attendees to connect with its knowledgeable representatives.

Gresgying’s Product Lineup at Power2Drive Europe 2023

Gresgying is proud to present it’s innovative EV charging technology and product lineup at Power2Drive Europe 2023. With a focus on delivering sustainable and efficient solutions, the high-tech brand offers a wide range of products. Each product combines advanced features, user-friendly design, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. The latest Gresgying products attendees of booth B6 480 can expect to see include the following:

AC Wallbox Charger

Gresgying’s turbo Wallbox car chargers are durable and powerful, providing convenient charging solutions for electric vehicle owners. Suitable for fleets, public, retail and destination, workplace, and home, the user-friendly and compact design of these Wallbox car chargers offers a seamless charging experience. Additional smart features of this EV charging technology include multiple network connections, a charger management system, type B RCD, and shutter socket availability.

DC Fast Charger for EV

Gresgying offers a wide range of intelligent DC fast chargers for EVs, including 30kW DC Wallbox, 60kW DC Charger, 120/180kW DC Charger for EVs, etc. These fast charging stations feature elegant designs, 95% charging efficiency, a remote charger management platform, and more. Their compatibility with various electric vehicle models and reliable safety features make them a top choice for a variety of charging scenarios, such as public charging stations.


EV Charging System

The 720kW flexible charging system incorporates Gresgying’s innovative power-sharing technology and patented star-ring power distribution technology. This advanced system efficiently allocates power modules to individual connectors, ensuring that each vehicle receives the appropriate charging power based on its requirements. By doing so, it eliminates the issue of unused power modules and is particularly well-suited for application in highway service areas and the operations of bus and truck fleets. The utilization of the patented Star-Ring Power Distribution Technology further enhances the effectiveness and reliability of the system.

About Gresgying

Gresgying is a seasoned high-tech brand based in China that develops integrated digital energy solutions. As a professional car charger solution provider, the brand is committed to offering microgrid systems, EV charging technology, energy storage systems, EV chargers, ultra-fast charging station, and energy management systems to contribute towards a low-carbon world where renewable and clean energy sources power electric vehicles.

As a global supplier of digital energy solutions, Gresgying is committed to providing the best EV charging solutions. Its business covers more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania. The provider is well-known for using technological innovation to provide customers with green and safe energy solutions to satisfy the evolving needs of the electric mobility industry.


Power2Drive Europe 2023 provides industry experts and enthusiasts a great opportunity to witness the latest innovations in electromobility and energy. As a key participant, Gresgying is excited to showcase its innovative EV charging technology and solutions at the event. The brand invites event attendees to visit booth B6 480 to explore the future of electric vehicle charging technology and experience the next generation of sustainable mobility. By leveraging its industry experience, Gresgying remains committed to promoting sustainable mobility and contributing to the realization of a low-carbon future. For more details about Gresgying, feel free to visit the company’s official website.

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