May 17, 2024

George G. Pinneo is thrilled to announce his new book titled A New Beginning: BK 21 geared towards treating readers with a mix of technomilitary mystery and romance. This is a book that captivatingly entertains its readers as well as encourages them to be strong and daunting in hard circumstances.

A New Beginning: BK 21 is set against the backdrop of intriguing efforts made to protect remotely piloted aerial vehicles and RPVs. The narrative goes on to center around US Army Captain Greg Mordant whose mission to fortify the integrity of the drones takes him to Gibraltar. Behind the duty to navigate the intricacies of military strategy and technologies, a romantic relationship develops between Captain Greg and Captain Darinda Paterson. While Greg was involved in an IED blast in Afghanistan and was the only survivor, he went into a coma and an Army Captain, Darinda Paterson, had safeguarded him from Bagram. He suffered amnesia and Captain Paterson helped him through this difficult phase of life and military profession. She helped him to start recovering his memory.


A mesmerizing dynamic comes into play as Captain Mordant joins forces with Captain Paterson to shield the remotely piloted aerial vehicles. As they collaborate to develop military strategies to get around the Russian-built high-frequency jammers, their bond deepens.

This book uniquely weaves romance into the tapestry of military technology. Readers are taken on a ride into the military world of technology advancements and maneuvers as Captain Greg and his love resiliently work together to overcome their challenges. The book captivates readers with its attention to detail as it sheds light on the challenges concomitant with protecting sophisticated military technological equipment.

A New Beginning: BK 21 further explores the endurance of the human spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. The dynamic relationship depicted in the book shows the strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in every romantic relationship especially one that is linked to duty and passion.

Readers are bound to enjoy an immersive experience as they navigate through the blend of military precision and enthralling suspense. The book is becoming acclaimed by early readers.


Grab a copy of A New Beginning: BK 21 on Amazon and embark on a technomilitary adventure with Captain Greg and Darinda.

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