May 18, 2024

Are you looking for a decent mobile tracker online and don’t know which app to choose? Don’t go any further. In this review, we will round up 9 top-rated phone trackers and cover their core features. Whether you use an iPhone or Android device, you are sure to find a suitable mobile tracker app on our list to serve your needs.

1. Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is one of the most popular monitoring apps for Android and iOS on the market. From the get-go, you can definitely tell that it offers all the necessary functionality and perks that a leading

mobile tracker should have. Upon simple installation, you will be able to perform a number of tracking tasks: 
  • Track GPS location 
  • See the call and message history 
  • View conversations on messengers 
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Check the visited websites 
  • See every stroke they type 
  • Turn on a secret camera or audio recording 

Mobile Tracker Free runs spotlessly and doesn’t cause any battery drainage or lags. The application uses a ‘freemium’ model for about a week, offering you all the essentials at no cost so that you can get started immediately.

2. mSpy

mSpy is another good choice for parents that prioritizes user privacy as much as monitoring capability. This secret tracker app is designed to operate undetectably once installed. The app equips parents and guardians with key monitoring features such as: 

  • Location tracking and geofencing 
  • Keylogger and screen recorder 
  • Call and SMS logs 
  • Social media monitoring 
  • Online activity checks 

All phone activities can be easily monitored through a convenient dashboard and regular notifications. Overall, mSpy is a great tool with an extra focus on discretion. Pay attention that it requires rooting or jailbreak for advanced features.

3. Spyic

Spyic stands out as a robust mobile number tracker showing the phone’s precise real-time GPS coordinates. What makes Spyic a preferred pick, particularly for location monitoring, is its geofencing feature. Users can establish both location-based alerts and boundaries that trigger notifications automatically whenever a device enters or leaves a set geographic area. In addition to GPS monitoring, Spyic also allows users to check other details: 

  • Calls and messages 
  • Chatting apps
  • Web browsing
  • Social media usage
  • Gallery

In general, Spyic is a smart solution to location tracking and geofencing, providing more than enough in these areas.

4. SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro offers a discreet solution for those looking to track a partner’s phone. Once installed on the target device, this mobile tracker captures all SMS messages, phone calls, chat app conversations, emails, and location history – all without detection. You can get instant access to this data from any web browser at any time. 

For straightforward yet comprehensive monitoring specifically tailored to partner investigations, SpyBubble Pro offers an ideal solution.

5. uMobix

With a suite full of the most known monitoring features, uMobix has become the best phone tracker app for busy parents. uMobix operates on both iOS and Android devices and captures all the data in the hidden mode. Its online dashboard offers organized reports on all mobile activities: 

  • Call logs with timestamps 
  • Sent, received, and deleted messages 
  • Website history 
  • Accurate location
  • Used apps 
  • Ambient sound 
  • Real-time camera snapshots

What makes uMobix a top-ranked mobile tracker is its unmatched mix of features and customization. Monitoring features can be adjusted so parents receive only the necessary alerts, keeping noisy notifications to a minimum. As the parent-trusted leader, uMobix stands in a class of its own.

6. eyeZy

Going beyond just standard location history and phone usage tracking, eyeZy provides additional check-ups of Wi-Fi connections, website and app filtering, and more. This positions it as a perfect live mobile location tracker online

Just like its competitors, eyeZy also captures real-time GPS data, records call and SMS logs, monitors messaging app conversations, and generates complete activity reports. However, these details are arranged in a neat way so you can see the most frequent communications and recently visited places. Combined with standard features like geofencing alerts and keyword tracking, eyeZy lacks nothing when it comes to functional phone tracking.


7. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is an excellent multi-device monitoring app that provides both smartphone and computer tracking. By choosing this Android phone tracker, you will also benefit from its compatibility with Windows and Mac OS. The app is user-friendly and requires only a few minutes to get things going. 

Once you download mobile tracker on Android, you will enjoy its nice pack of features: 

  • Call records 
  • Phone Internet history 
  • Current GPS and location history 
  • Messages within most popular apps
  • Social media activity
  • Installed apps

The only downside is that Hoverwatch doesn’t track iPhones. But if the target person is holding an Android, this tracker app may well be your choice. 

8. Phonyspy

Phonyspy covers all essential features for basic phone monitoring. While you won’t find advanced functionalities like ambient sound or remote video recording, this phone monitoring app is great for fundamentals. Phonyspy offers solid GPS tracking paired with SMS, social media, gallery, and browsing tracking. 

While more enhanced competitors may boast additional tracking features, PhonySpy focuses specifically on whereabouts and communication records. The app would be a great companion for employers and parents seeking a simple monitoring experience. 

9. Snoopza

The last tracker on our list is Snoopza. Offering important tracking capabilities for Android, Snoopza is an easy-to-use tool that suits novices. This phone monitoring app operates in the background and tracks most phone activities on its way: 

  • GPS coordinates 
  • Calls and SMS 
  • Web activity 
  • Social media conversations 
  • SIM card 
  • Camera snapshots

This package is further complemented by a keylogger that fetches passwords and other crucial details. The tracked data can be easily accessed through the intuitive dashboard, which makes it a good option for beginners. 


Are these trackers compatible with Android and iPhone?

Not all phone tracker apps are compatible with iPhones due to tough restrictions imposed by Apple. If you want to track an iPhone, opt for advanced options like Mobile Tracker Free or uMobix. These monitoring apps are equipped with a generous suite of features that give you access to location, social apps, calls, contacts, browser usage, and other activities on someone’s iOS device. 

Can someone track a cell phone using a free app?

Mobile Tracker Free is the best phone tracker app to monitor a cell phone at no cost. The app provides fundamental features absolutely for free. Within its free version, you will be able to track calls, make screenshots, and enable live viewing. It does have limitations in terms of how far back historical data is stored and lacks some advanced features offered for iOS. However, for basic real-time tracking purposes, the free app delivers on core needs. 

Why should I use a phone tracker app?

There are a few reasonable scenarios when you may require a phone tracker app: a) guarantee your kid’s or teenager’s safety; b) monitor your partner or spouse; c) track a corporate device and prevent business data leaks; d) recover a lost or stolen cell phone. The key benefit of mobile trackers is that they give a complete picture of phone habits you otherwise wouldn’t be able to confirm.

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