May 19, 2024
CX100 and CM25 lights are powerful, lightweight, compact, ultra-portable, and easy-to-use

Shenzhen, China – March 12th, 2024 – ZHIYUN’s new CINEPEER CX100 100W photography light and CINEPEER CM25 pocket-sized 25W fill light offer simple but high-performance lighting at affordable prices. These video and photo lighting solutions are lightweight, compact, portable, and easy to operate. CINEPEER lights are accessible to all. They provide the features that professionals demand, but also offer a gateway for talented enthusiasts and beginners to gain experience and take a step up into the world of professional-quality video, photography, and live streaming.


Outdoors or in: Instant easy-to-adjust light

Both lights are excellent for outdoor as well as indoor use. The CINEPEER CX100 is ideal for a wide range of applications such as portrait photography, professional interviews, live streaming, TV commercials, influencer vlogs, wedding shoots, still life advertising, street photography, shop exploration, and food photography. The CX100 also has potential for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and sports enthusiasts, or as a light source for emergency situations. The CINEPEER CM25 excels in indoor and outdoor scenarios including portrait photography, live streaming, background atmosphere rendering, still life advertising, vlogging, and more.

The CINEPEER lights both feature a simple dual dial design for easy, tactile adjustment of color temperature and brightness, providing exactly the required lighting environment instantly. There’s no need to fumble with inconvenient buttons or a touchscreen in order to make these critical and frequently-required adjustments. These lights are small enough to fit in the hand, and also feature a standard 1/4-inch threaded hole for mounting.

CX100: A compact, lightweight 100W light for on-the-go shooting

Traditional 100-watt lights are often confined to studio use due to their bulky size, cumbersome setup with too many unnecessary functions, and limited portability. This stifles creativity because it restricts the use of high-power film lights for outdoor shoots.

ZHIYUN’s CINEPEER CX100 solves all these problems. It is ultra-lightweight at just 710g, and small enough to fit in the hand. It delivers powerful 3840 Lux brightness, with excellent color accuracy (CRI≈96, TLCI≈97) – and the large dial controls make color and brightness adjustments intuitive. To handle those 100 watts of power, the CX100 features ZHIYUN’s DynaVort active cooling system, ensuring that it provides stable and reliable lighting, without overheating worries.

Users can choose from a variety of lighting modifiers with the CX100’s custom mount, and also access the broader Bowens mount ecosystem for even more creative possibilities. The CINEPEER CX100 is the most affordable and powerful 100W outdoor shooting solution on the market.

CM25: lightweight pocket-sized, five times brighter than other pocket lights

Weighing only 232g, ZHIYUN’s pocket-sized CINEPEER CM25 fill light can achieve a professional luminous efficacy of 3360 Lux, with CRI≥96 and TLCI≥97 for accurate color rendering. With its 25W power, the CM25 delivers exceptional portrait and ambient lighting effects, making it ideal for portrait photography. The battery-powered CM25 can also be used while charging via USB-C PD.

CINEPEER empowers storytelling

ZHIYUN’s CINEPEER CM25 and CX100 video and photography lights deliver performance and value without compromising quality. They embody technology that is not a barrier to creation, but a bridge that allows users to find joy and satisfaction in an effortless creative process.

Pricing and Availability

Recommended Prices (MSRP)


US: $69 USD

CA: $89 CAD

EU: €79 EUR

UK: £69 GBP


US: $199 USD


CA: $259 CAD

EU: €209 EUR

UK: £199 GBP

ZHIYUN offers a special discount of 25% from March 12th – April 12th. Use the code CNP25TODD and ORDER NOW!

ZHIYUN CINEPEER CX100 and CM25 will be available from:ZHIYUN Official store:



(Use the code CNP25TODD to enjoy up to 25% discount from March 12th – April 12th)

ZHIYUN’s Amazon Store



(Use the code CNP25TODD to enjoy up to 25% discount from March 12th – April 12th)


Available online from the ZHIYUN store and ZHIYUN Amazon store.

(Use the code CNP25TODD to enjoy up to 25% discount from March 12th – April 12th)


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