July 24, 2024
Why Can The Vacuum Cleaner Suck Up The Dust? 4

The dust collection capacity of the vacuum cleaner is related to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum cleaner.

The greater the pressure difference, the stronger the dust collection ability. This pressure difference is generated by the vacuum cleaner using the high-speed rotation of the motor to drive the fan blades to rotate, so that a partial vacuum is generated inside the vacuum cleaner. Obviously, the degree of vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner is closely related to the speed of the motor.


Therefore, the higher the running speed of the motor with the same power, the stronger the suction generated. Vacuum cleaners generally use series-excited motors. The field winding of the series excited motor is connected in series with the armature, and the current in the field winding varies with the load. 

In the vacuum cleaner, the lighter the load of the motor, the greater its starting torque and the higher the rotation speed, which can reach 8000-25000 revolutions per minute, so a greater vacuum can be generated inside the vacuum cleaner. With this vacuum state, the vacuum cleaner can use the pressure difference between the inside and outside to suck dust.


The main reason why the vacuum cleaner can remove dust is that its “head” is equipped with an electric exhaust fan. There is a wind impeller on the shaft of the exhaust fan. After the power is turned on, the exhaust fan will generate strong suction and pressure at a speed of 5,000 cycles per second. The air in the fan is replenished in a timely manner, resulting in an instantaneous vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner, forming a negative pressure difference with the external atmospheric pressure, and under the action of this pressure difference, the dust-containing air is sucked in. Dust and other sundries enter the dust filter bag through the carpet or floor brush, long pipes, elbows, hoses, and hose joints in turn. Dust and other sundries stay in the dust filter bag. The gas discharged from the tail of the vacuum cleaner is hot because the gas is heated as it passes through the motor. 



The dust collection bucket of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a box for collecting dust, and the dust will stay in the dust collection box. After the box is full, it can be taken out and cleaned with water. The vacuum cleaner can be equipped with different parts to complete different cleaning tasks. For example, it can be equipped with a floor brush to clean the floor, equipped with a flat brush to clean sofa surfaces, sheets, curtains, etc., and equipped with a small suction nozzle to remove dust and dirt in small corners. 

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