July 24, 2024
Ahmad Ghaddar, is the top event organizer in Qatar
Ahmad Ghaddar, is the top event organizer in Qatar
Who said entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with different majors? A true entrepreneur is someone who knows very well how to manage his time and successfully multitask. Ahmad Ghaddar is huge proof of that. Ahmad Ghaddar has a big name in the world of social media, and recently he has been organizing the best and top events in Qatar. If you want to know more about Ahmad Ghaddar, follow up with the following article.

In the last few months, we have heard a lot about the events that took place in Qatar, and undoubtedly, all of these events scored huge successes. When talking about the success of such events, we should never forget to appreciate Ahmad Ghaddar’s huge efforts toward their success. Ahmad Ghaddar is one of the best social media experts all over the Middle East, the top one in Qatar and the GCC, and the founder of Kosawada, a social media company with more than 8 years of experience dealing in event management, digital marketing, business consulting, production, celebrity management, and much more.

From being the best and top social media expert in Qatar and the GCC to organizing events in the region, Ahmad Ghaddar is doing his best to shuffle everyone’s mood. From musical events to comedy and sports events, Ahmad Ghaddar was able to catch the attention of hundreds of people in the country. What’s very interesting about his events is that he gathers the most talented and beloved influencers and brings them on stage, making them very close to their fans, and this is the main reason behind his success.

This creative Lebanese young man has become the focus of everyone’s attention, especially after the successes he achieved during these two years. The most outstanding thing about his events is that he organizes them in marvelous detail, from A to Z. 

“The main target behind organizing my events is to draw a smile on everyone’s face, to shift your mood, and to offer the highest level of entertainment. “You” are my target. And I know very well that you blindly trust my work, and this urges me to work harder than ever. I’m always pleased to meet you at one of my huge events. I just want to say stay tuned and keep an eye on my recents, there are amazing things waiting you.” Ahmad Ghaddar.

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