June 18, 2024
Which is the best virtual running app for home gym? 4
Which is the best virtual running app for home gym?
PitPat is a smart home fitness brand designed and developed by the JOYFIT team. It innovates to create the world’s first online competition, providing a new form of exercise for all home fitness users. When users open PitPat, they will enter a new world of online competitions. All users can train and compete at will, and get rewards while improving their physical fitness.
PitPat provides training, fitness, games, races and other features so that all users can enjoy their passion of sports. Training is only a small part of PitPat, even if it is more functional than much other popular training software. At its core, PitPat is an online race where you invite others to race with you. Your field is a treadmill and the judges are treadmills, including anti-cheating activity trackers and smart modules.

PitPat has released a new update that included Team Rank. Users can choose the team to join, and receive rewards by participating race to earn scores for your team. Now with Team Rank ready, PitPat can offer even more choices for users. As best virtual running app, PitPat offers a unique experience that is different from traditional races. Now you can experience exciting races on your smart treadmill.

PitPat is committed to achieving fitness at home with science through PitPat.

The PitPat has shown the online race as a new way of sports that can ignore space and distance. And users from all over the world can participate in the race at any time at any place.

What is PitPatThe treadmill running app free

Created and developed by JOYFIT, a smart home fitness company, PitPat focuses on online competitions as opposed to traditional competitions. The PitPat team wanted to create a virtual world by connecting the software to home fitness equipment, allowing users to work out at home and then have an immersive race against anyone in the world on PitPat.

As the world’s largest online race organizer, PitPat has created a race platform where you can participate in online running. Unlike other game-based fitness software, PitPat provides a level playing field, giving you more freedom to decide what you want to do next. When you want to get fit, simply open PitPat, connect the treadmill and start immediately. There’s no need to prepare or plan a route. Simply enter the race, select the mileage, and you’re ready to go.

How to use virtual running app for treadmill

Register and log in to PitPat, click on the Bluetooth logo in the top right corner, and follow the prompts to search for a treadmill. Make sure the treadmill is connected to power. If the Bluetooth logo shows a green dot, the connection is successful.

Select any race you like and follow the process to enter. The system will confirm that the treadmill is connected before starting.

How to get rewards in PitPat

As an online race platform, the core and most interesting feature of PitPat is the ability to complete running races ONLINE. On PitPat, tens of thousands of people participate in running and thousands of people participate in races every day. To meet users’ needs, PitPat officials will organize and launch hundreds of races every day, including single and multi-person.

In addition to the main races, users can also start their own and invite strangers or friends. Additionally, PitPat will launch special events that base on festivals or topics to add a bit more fun.

Participating in PitPat can earn real cash, which is partly provided by the treadmill brands we work with. All rewards must be earned by participating in online races and finishing the race or completing the tasks.

The PitPat supports access to treadmills and provides training plans, data tracking, free video lessons, etc. PitPat has an AI coaching that analyses data based on the user’s height, weight, speed, heart rate, etc. And develops a series of training plans that are more scientific and in line with healthy standards. In terms of data, PitPat tracks the data generated from training, races, and other running processes. And gives reasonable advice on calories to meet the needs of users. Currently, the PitPat team has cooperation with SupeRun, DeerRun, and other sports and fitness brands to create even better smart fitness equipment.

How to use virtual running app for treadmill


If you are an iPhone user, please go to the App Store and search for PitPat; for Android users, please go to google play and search for PitPat.

After downloading and installing PitPat, please follow the process to complete the registration. And set up your nickname, fill in your usual email address, and set a password.

1. Cash will be withdrawn to your PayPal account.

2. Please fill up the real age, which will help to provide you with accurate recommendations.

3. If you do not receive a verification code from PitPat, look for it in your spam email or double-check that you have filled out the correct email. We will send you another email with the verification code if it has not been activated in 10 minutes.

4. After you complete the registration and login, don’t forget to connect to your treadmill to receive a fully immersive experience.

In the future PitPat plan to launch more fitness equipment and races with it.

PitPat wants to break the threshold of traditional sports and make the race more simple.


For more information on JOYFIT INC visit Website: www.pitpatfitness.com

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