July 24, 2024

When people buy LED indoor lights, they may have heard of cool white light, warm white light and so on. This is the color temperature.

Color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates the presence of a color component in light. It is measured in Kelvin. Color temperature can also be said to be a temperature measurement method. When a black object is heated to different temperatures, it emits different colors of light.

The lower the color temperature is, the warmer the light; the higher the color temperature is, the cooler the light. Color temperature below 3000K has a stable atmosphere and warm feeling; color temperature in 3000 ~ 6000K have a refreshing feeling; color temperature over 6000K, giving a cool feeling.


General home color temperature not so much range, there are three common: warm yellow light (2700 ~ 3000K), neutral natural light (4000K), cool white light (6500K). Some multi-functional indoor lights have both cool white light and warm yellow light.

Home lighting color temperature is the first to reject the use of cool white light. Compare the results as shown below.

Cool white light can make people in tension, concentration, not easily sleepy characteristics. The application of cold white light is generally office, hospital, and workshop and so on.

If the lights at home are cool white light, then, the warmth of home texture will no longer exist. Under the family environment, suits uses the high color temperature light source is the kitchen. The high color temperature is suitable for concentration and fine operation. Elsewhere in the home, people can choose a light source of 2700K, 3000K or 4000K depending on their preference.


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