July 23, 2024

Earlier, every little piece of information would get stored on paper. There used to be rooms full of shelves dedicated to storing files containing data on people, places, events, etc. Soon organizations realized the number of paper trails they were leaving behind and the hassle it became to search for old data. Of course, this was also when the internet was gaining popularity. 

The cloud was developed. It replaced the need for data storage, which helped many industries make their work more efficient. Many industries benefited from cloud computing. This is why the need for cloud architects has gone up significantly in recent years.


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What is a Cloud Architect?

The professional in charge of creating, organizing, and administering a company’s cloud computing strategy is a Cloud Architect. This individual analyzes the organization’s current IT infrastructure to identify which workloads and applications should be moved to the cloud. 

The cloud architect is also in charge of developing the overall architecture of the cloud environment, establishing a migration roadmap, and guaranteeing the security and compliance of the organization’s data and applications on the cloud. Additionally, tasks like comparing several cloud service providers to identify the one that best serves the organization’s needs are also part of their responsibility.

What does a Cloud Architect do?

Designing, organizing, and administering an organization’s cloud computing strategy are the primary responsibilities of a cloud architect. But to give a detailed description of their daily work here is everything they do in a workday:

  • Determining which applications, workloads, and data should be moved to the cloud
  • Evaluating cloud service providers by comparing several services like Google cloud, AWS, etc
  • Making a migration roadmap for moving the company’s apps, workloads, and data to the cloud
  • Creating a thorough design for the organization’s cloud environment, including the network, storage, and security components
  • Putting security measures like encryption and firewalls in place and making sure that the organization’s data and apps are secure
  • Keeping track of how the cloud environment is operating and troubleshooting problems that come up
  • Making the organization’s cloud infrastructure cost-effective and optimizing it for performance, scalability, and availability by the cloud architect

How to become a Cloud Architect?

Becoming a cloud architect typically requires a mix of technical education, industry experience, and specialized training. Getting certified in the study will help you gain the necessary skills and improve your credibility.

Here are the steps you need to take to become a certified cloud architect:

1.   Get a degree

To build a strong foundation before becoming a certified cloud architect, you need a strong background in computer science or IT. So it’s always best to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related discipline.

2.   Gain experience

You will have a greater grasp of how various technologies interact and the ability to troubleshoot and optimize systems if you have experience in IT. Therefore once you have your bachelor’s degree try getting into internships that can help you understand what you learned during your graduation in a more practical way.

Areas such as systems administration, network administration, or software development can greatly help you at this stage.

3.   Learn about Cloud Computing

Understanding the various cloud platforms and services, as well as the best practices for designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud systems, is crucial. During your internship, you can try your hands at various cloud technologies and gather as much information as possible.

4.   Get certified

While you are gathering information and learning about cloud technologies, you can enroll in a training program to help you understand all the concepts better. Then getting a certification from a platform like AWS, Google, or Microsoft Azure becomes very easy. These certifications are a great way to highlight your knowledge and set yourself apart from the competition in the job market.

5.   Cloud experience


Work on cloud projects to get experience. If you are already a working professional in an IT position, you can look for a chance to advance your career by taking up projects that work with the cloud. On the other hand, as a fresher, you can gain cloud experience through internships.

6.   Continuously upskill

Since the world of cloud computing is continually evolving, it’s crucial to keep up with the newest developments. You must constantly upskill yourself and keep learning new technologies to improve your abilities and knowledge.

Different types of Cloud Architect jobs

A cloud architect is an umbrella term for any cloud professional who develops, organizes, and oversees a company’s cloud computing strategy. So under that, there are other cloud computing jobs like:

1.   Enterprise Cloud Architect

An enterprise cloud architect designs and implements the whole cloud strategy for an entire organization. They collaborate extensively with various departments and teams to comprehend their unique needs and create a plan that addresses them.

2.   Solutions Architect

Specific cloud-based solutions must be designed and implemented by a solutions architect. They often have a thorough understanding of one or more particular technologies.

3.   Infrastructure Architect

The network, storage, and security components of a cloud environment’s foundational infrastructure, as well as its design and implementation, are the responsibility of an infrastructure architect.

4.   DevOps Architect

The deployment and management of cloud-based apps are automated through tools and processes designed and implemented by a DevOps architect.

In conclusion

Being a cloud architect can be both challenging and lucrative as cloud computing becomes more and more relevant in this era. The role typically entails designing, planning, and managing an organization’s cloud computing strategy. So gaining the necessary knowledge and skills becomes very important for this professional.

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