May 18, 2024

Thinkstack’s AI chatbot maker allows users to create custom AI assistants for any website or platform, optimizing customer interactions by 30%.

Thinkstack announces the launch of its AI chatbot platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to create and deploy advanced GPT-4 customer support chatbots effortlessly. The platform allows its users to create one chatbot completely free of cost and embed it on any website. “The reason behind this freemium pricing plan is that we want our customers to first fully understand how Thinkstack works, love the product, and only then invest in it,” said Basudev Saha, the Chief Technical Officer at Thinkstack.Businesses, large and small, have historically struggled with suboptimal metrics when it comes to customer support. Whether it’s the challenges with resource allocation or time of response, bottlenecks have existed like a stubborn malaise within customer-facing industries.


Thinkstack assures that its AI chatbot maker will not only save businesses a bountiful of their precious capital expenditures but will also lead to a more integrated and on-brand customer experience through rich features like chatbot personalization and constant and instantaneous bot training. For example, post onboarding, a new customer support team member may require weeks of training on the product details and brand guidelines. But, the same can be achieved with a bot almost in no time.

As the AI revolution continues to reshape industries worldwide, Thinkstack’s mission is to democratize access to this groundbreaking technology. The simplicity of creating an AI assistant with Thinkstack almost within a couple of minutes is what the brand believes to be its biggest tour de force.

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“Chatbots can optimize so many facets of business operations. But, especially in the domain of customer support, the applications of AI chatbots are limitless. Yet, a few years ago, many would have laughed at the idea that anyone with absolutely zero coding knowledge would be able to create their own AI assistants. But now, we are saying, ‘Yes, it’s very much possible.’” adds Basudev.

Some of the industries that stand to benefit from Thinkstack’s AI assistant solution are healthcare, retail, and large enterprises. These industries need 24/7 customer support— whether it’s the retail and healthcare businesses dealing with mounting customer queries and grievances or large corporations (particularly financial organizations) having to keep their stakeholders well-informed with company updates.


Thinkstack’s AI chatbot maker offers some very useful features like:
– Bot training using an unlimited number of resources, including online knowledge bases and manual Q&A feeding
– Integration with leading platforms like Zapier, Whatsapp, Shopify, Salesforce and more
– Business analytics based on AI assistant-customer interactions
– Conversation in 90+ languages, and
– Lead capture data

The brand is excited to launch its product with relevant features that solve real-world customer support issues. It boasts its capability of extending the same benefits at a budget-friendly price point to users that many premium brands promise for a much higher price.

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