June 14, 2024
Then Came July – A Captivating Love Story That Proves It’s Never Too Late for Love 2

Renowned author Cornelia Allen introduces readers to the enchanting world of Then Came July, a heart-warming novel that explores the transformative power of love. With fascinating characters and a compelling storyline, this book offers a memorable reading experience that will leave readers believing in the magic of second chances.


In Then Came July, a tough and world-weary cop discovers newfound purpose and reasons for living. Captain Mora, although eccentric, proves to be the best cop around. Alongside him, a fiery and determined young doctor faces the devastating loss of her career. Battling and bantering, these two stubborn loners, brought together by chance, soon realize that they are stronger and better as a team. This engaging novel explores the theme that lives can be changed by love. Cornelia Allen skilfully weaves a tale of romance, redemption, and personal growth, taking readers on an emotional journey filled with unexpected twists and heart-warming moments.

With a winning writing style, Allen provides readers with a series of memorable quotes that highlight the depth and complexity of her characters emotions. From the intensity of being a suspect to the reassurance of a mother’s love, the dialogue in Then Came July will resonate with readers and leave a lasting impact.

Critics and readers alike have praised the book for its storytelling. Screen Craft describes the novel as captivating and envisions its potential for a movie adaptation. Online Book Club commends Allen’s skilful portrayal of characters, particularly July, Rick, and their families, stating that they are “believable and endearing.”

“Then Came July” appeals to a diverse range of readers. The target audience includes fans of romantic adventures, enthusiasts of transformational love stories, and those seeking dramas with upbeat endings. Additionally, readers who enjoy the Longmire books and TV series, as well as fans of the J.A.Jance novels, will find themselves captivated by this exciting story.

For readers seeking an emotional and uplifting reading experience, “Then Came July” is now available.


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