May 17, 2024

Revived Media, spearheaded by influencer and entrepreneur Tristan Hamm, is revolutionizing the marketing industry by aligning purpose-driven campaigns with impactful business results. Known for his significant role in outdoor and mental health advocacy, Hamm’s firm is dedicated to partnering with brands that share a vision for positive global change.

Crafting Campaigns with Impact and Purpose

At Revived Media, the focus is on collaborating with companies and personalities that are committed to making a meaningful difference in the world. “Our partnerships are more than business transactions; they’re about creating a lasting positive impact,” Hamm states. This approach has attracted various clients, looking to blend their marketing efforts with a deeper sense of purpose.


Leveraging a Network of Influencers for Greater Good

Beyond leveraging Hamm’s substantial personal influence, Revived Media works with a diverse array of influencers, each echoing the mission to drive positive change. Hamm explains, “Our network of influencers is our strength, enabling us to amplify our message and reach a wider audience while maintaining genuine engagement.

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A Groundbreaking Live Stream Event

A testament to Revived Media’s innovative approach was a recent 2-hour live stream event that garnered over 512,000 unique users and elicited more than 25,000 comments in just two hours. This event, aimed at promoting the company Jackery, broke sales records by integrating Hamm’s personal messages of adventure with branded products in an authentic way. The live stream also featured several other outdoor influencers, each sharing their perspectives with Hamm’s followers, contributing to the record-breaking sales for Jackery.

Fostering a Community of Conscientious Brands

Revived Media is building a community where brands are valued not only for their financial success but also for their contribution to society. “We’re pioneering a movement where business success is intertwined with positive community impact,” Hamm remarks. This unique positioning has made Revived Media a leader in conscious marketing.


Setting a New Standard in Marketing

In today’s consumer-conscious market, Revived Media stands as a beacon for the future of marketing. Under Tristan Hamm’s guidance, the firm exemplifies how integrating business goals with social impact can lead to unprecedented success.


Revived Media, under the leadership of Tristan Hamm, is proving that it’s possible to achieve business milestones while fostering positive change. Their innovative campaigns, like the groundbreaking live stream for Jackery, demonstrate the power of purposeful marketing in today’s world, setting a new standard for brands and influencers alike.

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